A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Being a Voice for Those Who Do Not Have One


(This past weekend this message seemed to be ringing in my ear. It was a constant theme, no matter what I was doing..So with this inspiration, I bring this to you.)

There are so many on this earth that do not know how;
To stand up for themselves…and for them to be beaten, they allow.
For the world today operates on the mantra of, “Survival of the Fittest…”, as if they were competing;
Therefore live life by hurting those around them…through evil’s tactics of scheming, lying, and cheating.

When we get so caught up in this world, we begin to become prey;
We allow for us to be guided and shackled by whatever evil lays.
It is through this we become imprisoned without having any say;
And have no voice, and evil has of us, its way.

We see all of evils ways so rampanty on this earth, running;
With webs of lies and deception, often many can not see it coming.
Having such a mindset will bring us to ruin…bring us to wither….
And makes us more and more resemble evil, which crawls and slither.

Those who are not grounded in Love from a Divine Force;
Will fall prey to this, without knowing where is its source.
For those of us who know better, we must fight for them;
And keep their hearts, for the Creator, like gems.

We must sound the trumpet, and speak for them;
And not allow, from them, evil to stem.
I have promised to be the voice who do not have one at all;
It has been something that God put within my heart, ever since I was small.


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