Life on this Path…


When we love, there should not be any barriers or pride in doing so. There shouldn’t be any false barriers, but a feeling of complete vulnerability; with an empowerment by strength that can only come from a Divine Source. When we love, it should will easily hurt when others take advantage of such love, based on such a heart not being bound by the ways of the world. It will also easily forgive….and this forgiveness is selfless, and sacrificial in nature. It loves, because it is bound by the code that is established by Divine Law; not by worldly laws, made by Man. When we love, it loves without fear..because it answers to a higher being at the end of it all.

When we have chosen to follow a path in finding the Father of Creation, we have to realize that will be given insight to things that those who do not. As a result we are responsible for using this knowledge, to get others on the same path as you. We humble ourselves to the world around us, making our heart visibly clear for all to see, as a beacon in the darkness on this earth. There is no hiding even when facing evil in the eye, with a heart that is rooted in God’s Unconditoinal Love. This is what Jesus Christ displayed on the Cross at Calvary. To fathom the love that Jesus shared on the Cross truly does bring tears to my eyes. To endur all that pain…both in the physical and the mental sense….in order to save Mankind from the grips of Satan; that kind of strength could have only come from Divinity. There is no Man that could endure all that. The biggest flaw in Man is that they forget God’s Existence. They believe it is they who have made their lives, and steered the current direction that they are on. We must remember NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT IT BEING WITHIN GOD’S PLANS for you. It is in these plans that you excel beyond anyone else, why? Because God had meant that to be your destiny. At the same time, God does such things, in order for you to know that you should detach yourself from the ways of this world; and follow the path that He had provided for you. That God’s Ways are first, and foremost in your life. Nothing of the self is involved.

When we put God first, IN ALL, we do, this is when we begin to see the things of this world, for its true value: NOTHING IN COMPARISON TO WHAT THE FATHER OF CREATION can provide for you. There are so many restrictions to which the things of this world can provide for someone. But when it comes to God providing such things for you, there is no limit to it. Not to mention, to what we give to others, there is no limit. However, in order to not allow for evil to jade us or to wear us down, we must ask God, to help us discern, what is of Him, and what is not. For we are in times of a Spriritual Battle. Jesus Christ, while roaming this earth, has made it very clear what God expects of us. So we must be in line with His Teachings, in order to enter His Paradise. They are very simple, yet because of Satan and his demons running so rampantly through this earth, tarnishing everything to deceive, manipulate, and to scheme everyone off of the Path to God’s Paradise…it is becoming harder and harder for us to follow those simple teachings. As Jesus said, “The pathway to Heaven is narrow; and very few will walk that path.” That means there are many that will CHOOSE, that right I said CHOOSE…because God gives us the choice. In the meanwhile, evil does not give us that same right to choose. In fact, Satan constantly bombards us with his deception, lies, and schemes, in order to make us jades of God, and Jesus Christ. In fact He wants us to forget Jesus Christ altogether. He constantly bombards us with lies and schemes, to make us bitter and angry with God. Just remember, the stronger you get in your faith, you are getting one step closer to God. At the same time, with each step you get closer to God, the more angry Satan is getting angry for you going further away from his evil; and will throw even harsher trials at you, to get you off. To endure such spiritual battles, you would need strength from the Father of Creation. This strength has the pwoer to defy Evil…to conquer evil. Evil does not know how to love others; it only knows how to love itself…and to make others love it. It’s not about loving others without any reason….or for just loving because we were created to love. Do you know how many hopeless people are saved, just because someone just decided to love another person, for no specific reason? How many times do we show this to another person, if we know love has this much power?

In the end of it all, we are all held accountable for our own thoughts, actions, and intentions. It takes daily self evaluations, to refine yourself, to an image that is pleasing to God. And this is a lifelong process. There is no shame for such a heart to admit when they are wrong….for they are quick to make things right. There is no pride in such a heart. Remember there are certain things said in that will prevent us from entering the Kingdom of Heaven…we must be mindful of them..and avoid them at all costs. It can cost us Eternity.

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