A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Evil preys on Man’s Weakness; Divinity enhances Man’s Strengths


We often mock what we do not understand, as human beings. We also feel power over mocking someone that seems defenseless and voiceless. God has said, only evil takes advantages of someone’s weaknesses; while He enhances someone’s strengths. Just read this sentence again. Evil takes advantage of one’s WEAKNESS. While God, endhances someone’s STRENGTH. SO who seems to be the deficient one in this case?

Strength from a Divine Source lies in not giving in to human nature that has been tainted by evil, upon introducing sin at the Garden of Eden. True strength lies in conquering that human nature. I never exactly understood how people got great joy in putting down others. Have we fallen that far from the greatness that God had created for us to be? Or is it because we fear feeling the pain of love…of heartache? I think it is both. However, Jesus Christ truly showed, the great strength of God, by enduring His Passion (in His Torture) and in Death; the TRUE STRENGTH of God, for the sake of His Love for ALL of Mankind. There is no human on this Earth, or that ever walked on this earth, that can endure What Jesus Christ did. This is what made Him the Son of God. Not Man…but of God. As Man, we get hurt from insults, from cuts, and bruises. As Man, we even avoid relationships, in this day and age, for the sake of avoiding heartache. But look at what Jesus endured…is there anything in comparison, to what we endure?

This is why Jesus tells us…showed us, that “no matter what I endured, I forgave as I endured it. I prayed for every soul that I encountered to have a change of heart.” I’ve heard many people say that, “I’ve been this way for so long. I can’t change. I won’t.” But God says that we must change from our sinful ways. No matter how small they may seem, in God’s Eyes, they will be accounted for. Jesus is very clear about this, in His Teachings. As long as we remain focused on the Father of Creation’s words…and have a daily relationship with Him….He will guide us through evil’s deception. As the end of times grow nearer….it will become more difficult to distinguish the difference between the evil’s deception, and God’s Truth. This is what will separate God’s People from those lost to this world, running rampantly with evil.

What many people do not realize is that through Jesus’ death on the Cross, He ended Satan’s Rule on this Earth, and reestablished the direct pathway between Man and God; that was originally destroyed upon Satan’s introduction of sin at the Garden of Eden. And since then Satan and His Followers have been running rampantantly through out this earth, trying to take away as many souls as he can from God, and prevent them from entering the Paradise to which God had promised to Mankind, and at one time to Satan (then Lucifer…his high ranking angel). Once Lucifer got kicked out of the Paradise due to his own vanity, he wanted no one to feel the eternal happniess in Paradise, that he can never have again.

Jesus Christ showed us…told us…gave us the tools to conquer evil, with God on our side. People often overlook this part of studying of Jesus’ life. It can conquer all of the schemes of evil. What people do not realize is that fearing evil is not necessary. If we have found the true meaning of the words of God, we will realize that all of the riches of this world, including the value of our human bodies, is nothing in comparison to the soul that we have within us. The souls is what Satan is trying to claim….he knows that you will flinch at the thought of pain. But when we have a relationship with our Heavenly Father, we will see that such pain is worth enduring, in order for an eternity’s worth of happiness with our Father in Heaven.

We must remember that we must build on the strengths that God has given us. This can only be done through having a daily relationshp with God. Yes, it may seem we are at war in all the corners of the earth; but everyday, we are in a battle for our lives, whether we know it or not. A SPIRITUAL BATTLE. The most valuable of things can not have a finite pricetag on them. Think about it. Is there anything on this earth, that does not have a pricetag on it? From cars, to homes, to food, to even body organs, and slaves (these days). But what price was paid for our souls…the priceless blood shed at the Cross by Jesus Christ. He gave up His Life, for all of Mankind. There is absolutely no pricetag on that. You can not buy a ticket into Heaven. Sorry, NO CASH, CREDIT, OR MONEY ORDERS ACCEPTED. Only a heart that has changed to become born again to a heart rooted in Love; in accordance to God’s Ways. Yes…that means we have to change. We have to constantly change, in order to refine ourselves, to the perfection that is fit, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. God wants perfect hearts, and perfect souls….Now do not misunderstand, it does not mean we have to have led perfect lives, but it means that when our lives are done, on this earth, we have to have changed in heart and soul, completely surrendered to the Father Up Above. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Life and Death, and even in Resurrection into Heaven. He lived as Man; died as Man; but by resurrecting, He made it known that He was not Man…but the Son of God.

So next time, you feel afraid to change…or to love….don’t. Because Jesus has shown us the victory in store for all those who do. Do not take advantage of the defenseless or the voiceless…because taking advantage of someone of their vulnerabilities, ignorances, and weakness, is a trait of evil. When someone does that to you…as a child of God, remember He has given you this insight. So, feel sorry for the offender, that this is all that they know in life. And pray to the Father, that you hope that He can show them more than what there is on this earth.


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    • foodforthespiritualsoul

      Thank you for the reference on your blog. I actually liked a lot of what you had to say. I look forward in reading more of your work.

      March 4, 2013 at 2:39 pm

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      Thanks for the referral.God Bless…

      April 4, 2014 at 2:03 am

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