A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Imperfect Me

imperfect me

Dear Father God, please make it stop;
For the ache in my heart is filled to the brim…to the tippy top.
Arrows are coming from everywhere;
By anyone, without any care.

My heart aches so much, that tears flow from my eyes;
I can only imagine how Jesus feels…He must sob with great cries.
Oh, when will we ever learn?
For each time we hurt each other, that is one step closer, in Hell to burn.

Evil just waits for us to slip and fall…
So that will fall off God’s Paths, and not answer His Call.
God, You know my every imperfection and flaw;
Yet, You still found something in me for Jesus to die, and get me out of evil’s claws.

Though I often travel a path alone;
I would never of evil’s ways condone.
I had the honor of tasting the sweetness of Your Love…
Which has often made my lonely paths full…and me soar to heights like a dove.

Thank you for never leaving me…
And of this ache, setting me free;
Seeing and feeling all that is inflicted by this world’s ways;
Has made many to fall at evil’s feet…in front of it to lay.

My heart aches each day;
Seeing what occurs…all the things done…and words to say.
They just do not see;
Of these ways, they have to flee.


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