A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

“Thy Word is a Lamp onto my Feet…and a Light onto my Path”

Psalm 119

When we live our lives on this earth, we must remember that evil can manipulate anything that the human 5 senses (Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, and Touching) can feel. Especially with the end of times growing nearer, with each new day that goes by, we will see evidence of this more and more. As the Book of Revelations states, “The once unacceptable, will become acceptable in this world; and the once acceptable, will become unacceptable.” So as the world changes, we must find a constant source of intervention, in the prevention of the corruption of our souls by evil, in this process. And Jesus Christ said, that this constant source can be found within God’s Gospel. The words and teachings found within God’s Words, have withstood the sands of time, and remained constant no matter the circumstance or times.

It is so important that we have this daily relationship with God. It can act as a “reset” button in our faiths, from the harsh arrows being thrown by Satan and his demons, in trying to push us off the path to God, with each new day. It is important to strengthen the foundation of faith within ourselves, in order to be able to save our own souls. Because with each new day, Satan will make it harder and harder for people to distinguish the difference between what is from the Father of Creation, and what is from him. Only those who remained faithful in God’s Gospel and in their relationship with Him, will be guided through the deceptions of evil. This is what God has promised through the Life and Death of Jesus Christ, His Son, at the Cross at Calvary. Evil will use double meanings, and lies to convince you that there is no God. He will use it to say that Jesus Christ is not returning. He will use such means to sin, without you even knowing. He can not stand the words of a Believer in Jesus Christ. Evil cringes at the words of the Gospel being said to it, to counter its evil words and actions. We are saved through our belief in the power of the blood Jesus shed at the Cross.

What we have to realize is that the biggest problem today, is that many in this world are becoming spiritually poor or bankrupt. There is no amount of clothes, money, or possessions on this earth, that could completely fulfill you, the way that the Gospel can. We must forever realize with God first in our lives, He inspires all in the same way, to conduct themselves in the same way, that honors His Gospel. A manner that is meek and mild; and may even be seen as niave as a child in this world. However, such people stand firm in the quiet confidence of the Truth that God has planted and taken root in their hearts. A heart such as this will be quick to make things right; humble in nature. A heart that is broken away from the ways of this world; because the truth that burns within them has shown the priceless worth of God’s Love.

To fight the spiritual warfare that Satan has set forth, upon using his deception and introducing sin to Mankind, in the Garden of Eden, we must recognize the Truth within God’s Gospel. Once we have, we will fully transform in it, in mind, body and soul. All of God’s Creations follow His Laws in accordance to the Gospel: the animals in the wild; the flowers in the fields, the trees in the wilderness; and the birds that fly in the sky. However, upon the temptation of sin, in the Garden of Eden….Satan enticed Man away from living in accordance to those laws. Jesus gave Mankind a second chance, with His Death on the Cross. The choice has become ours, whether we want to follow evil, by conforming to the ways of this world; and feeding the soiled ego within; or not to, by seeking the Truth in God’s Words.

What we have to realize is that upon setting foot on the Path to God, we constantly have to undergo self evaluation of ourselves, to see if we are living in accordance to God’s Laws. To purify the stained soul, that occurred with Satan. By allowing our hearts to take root in the Words of God; and to have a relationship with Our Father…Jesus has showed us how we can conquer evil, even when staring it in the face. With a purified heart, even evil will be attracted by such the light that God has lit within it, and make it envious of it. Remember with each step closer you get in your Path to God, the more angry evil gets. It will throw more trials to test your faith, to see if you will fall off, and follow it. What we have to remember is that we are not called to be perfect but to be refined from our ways that were not in accordance to God’s Laws. We have to realize our flaws, and ask God to give us the strength to conquer them, so that we will not fall prey to evil.

So grow strong in your understanding in the Word of God. Study Jesus Christ’s life, so that you know how to conquer Evil. Our eternal life depends on this….and our freedom depends on this. We otherwise will be in mental slavery to the ways of this world, that is controlled by evil. God’s Word’s light your path to Freedom. Let it be a light onto the path you walk.


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