God Loved Us So Much as to Die for Our Salvation


God, the Father saw only one final way to save us, as His Most Precious Creations, to be the shock absorber of our sinful nature. Jesus came to earth, to show us, how we were to lead our lives, and to teach us how to do so. Jesus came, as the Son of God, lived amongst us to show us, that He understood all the things we endured; and how to conquer Satan’s Deception on this earth. As a sacrifice, He offered Himself, devoid of any sin or fault of any kind, to save Mankind from its sinful nature. He did so to give us the chance to return back home to the Father Up Above.

Jesus Christ is the ULTIMATE SYMBOL OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. There is only one Jesus Christ, and His Truth will prevail. He taught us that even while He was accused and convicted of a crime He did not commit, while He was being ridiculed and persecuted on this earth, He loved and forgave all. He died in order to uphold God’s Laws at all costs, in the earthly sense, to show that Divine Laws conquer the ways of this world. He conquered Evil at the Cross;by not giving in to Evil’s Temptations, and by staying focused on God’s Will.

"Abba, forgive them.For they know not what they do."

“Abba, forgive them.For they know not what they do.”


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