A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Love Will Set You Free


Love has the power to conquer all;
From biggest of wars…and the grudges that are small.
It has the power to thaw out the coldest of hearts;
To heal the wounds of parts.

Love is one of the greatest of forces;
That only shows that there is something much greater for its source…
For its strength is inexplicable by any human logic or reason;
It can outlast any time or season.

It has the power to make us life changers;
Make family out of strangers.
Love can wipe away many tears;
And give courage to those many fears.

Never regret showing someone truth and love;
Especially someone that has rejected it or accepted it and soared heights like a dove…
For Love in its truest form is selfless in nature;
It does not seek earthly parameters for recognition and stature.

Love is truly what sets our hearts and souls free;
Of any shackle of this earth…it allows us to breakaway and flee.
Once you have discovered the true meaning of love, and all that it entails;
You will see its true value…and forever towards freedom set sail.


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