A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Era of Deceit

Battle of good and evil

When it comes to doing what is wrong or right;
It is meant to be done by ALL, not only those who have God in their sight.
For in the world today we see the “once acceptable becoming unacceptable”;
And the once “unacceptable becoming acceptable”.

As it gets one day closer to the end of times;
We see God’s Laws being violated…in front of Divinity, so many crimes.
With evil running rampantly in this world;
By accepting these violations, to evil’s ways, Mankind has unfurled.

For evil professes self conditional love;
Where love is only given, on conditional terms…not what God says from Up Above.
Evil says that you should only love those that love you back;
To only love those that can do something for you…none for those that can not hack…

Divinity professes selfless unconditional love;
That gives and gives till it soars to heights like a dove.
For such a heart is only fulfilled if it gives love without thinking twice;
It gives without expecting anything in return…it gives by rolling the dice.

Jesus showed us that we must always be in tune to our connection to the Creator;
He will help us to discern what are the ways of Divinity, and those of Satan, God’s traitor.
As the Son of God, He came to this earth to show us how to live;
To the point of dying on the Cross, to save all of Mankind, to keep us alive.

For evil shackled Mankind to it, upon Satan introducing sin to Eden, on that fateful day;
And has forever since then, trying to take Mankind away…
From the Creator that loved it so much as to die…
So that from Satan’s evil, we can be unshackled and forever say “goodbye”.

We have to be in tune with our Creator, just as Jesus showed us with His Own Life;
So that we can enter God’s Eternal Paradise…forever being with Him in love…free from strife.
Jesus has said that He will one day return;
And for those who did not listen to Divinity…will forever in Hell burn.

We must stand strong for God’s sake;
Just as Jesus Christ did at the Cross, to uphold God’s Laws…He did whatever it takes.
As the end of times come near….
Many will be lost…of God’s Laws their understanding will not be clear.

This is why it is important for all to take note of Jesus’ Life;
For He showed all of mankind, how it is to live in accordance to God’s ways..to avoid Satan’s knife.
Evil will deceive until it claims every last soul away from God Up Above;
For His Trophy is to make Mankind BELIEVE in Satan’s deception…and to prevent you from experiencing God’s Love.


2 responses

  1. God works in Mysterious Ways. Revelations 11:3-12
    It seems I’ve finally found another with the Fire in them!

    April 14, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    • foodforthespiritualsoul

      I’m humbled by the comment…thank you.

      April 18, 2013 at 9:50 pm

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