A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Conflict between Mankind and God: The Human Mind (PART I)

mapping of the brain

The Human Mind is not only the most important organ in the body; but also out of all organs, the least known about. It is considered the center for all human functioning. It is the first organ system to develop in the human body, during human developmental stages, inside a mother’s womb; and the final organ whose functioning determines the quality of life for a human being.

Outside of the biological functioning of the Human Mind; the state of mind of a person is really what I am going to focus on, in this entry. This is usually determined or even molded based on our life experiences; and to some extent, even genetics. However, genetic predisposition on personalities, are constantly being debated in the medical world. Me, personally, I think the environment still can trump such things. Human nature is very resilient in that way. Just see how a child constantly adjusts to his/her environment. See how animals in the wild constantly adjust to their surroundings. God’s Creations have that power to adjust, and overcome.

Life experiences include daily life occurences, as well as home grooming, and education background. And even the outlook of how to examine life experiences really has to do with how you examine or evaluate life experiences. Perspective, if you will. Perspective often comes from having a belief system, to direct the evaluation of such things. In the end, God has implanted His Codes of Conduct, and even a sense of belonging…no matter what path we take on this earth. This has been proven over and over again; from the deep villages in the jungles of this world, to the biggest cities…people always tap into what God has put within each of us, since the time we were conceived in our mother’s wombs. What causes the differences in outcomes of life circumstances? Well, very simple. Whether we listen for those nudgings from God; or what others may like to call, “gut feelings”. We like to use our flawed human logic for things.YES, I SAID IT! FLAWED HUMAN LOGIC. Now I myself, come from a science background, and I could tell you, that even the greatest of scientists have found limitations in their search in trying to explain everything, with their scientific findings. Sure, to every experiment there are many HYPOTHESES; but few become THEORIES, becoming the SOLE explanation for something.

I mean GOD THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING! That is how amazing God is. It’s like He put a safety lock for us, on everything that evil would try to manipulate, in taking us away from Him. The problem is by giving us the choice to choose to tap into these safeties, many of us keep making the WRONG choice in His Eyes. He gave us all of the tools, and information needed to make the RIGHT choice, but we just decide to not to listen or learn from them. I can not stress more, the importance of the 7 DEADLY SINS.

1. Greed
2. Gluttony
3. Lust
4. Pride
5. Sloth
6. Wrath
7. Envy

These 7 things are what is causing the downfall of Mankind. We all are guilty of commiting them. But how many of us, think twice, in preventing becoming a 2nd or 3rd time offender? I think out of all of these, there is ONE that trumps them all, and gives rise to the other 6….PRIDE. Pride is what made Lucifer into Satan…which led to him being kicked out of Heaven by the Father of Creation; and his envy of God’s Love for Mankind, and for never being able to step foot back into Eternal Paradise, led to his wrath in leading as many souls away from God. This is the SPIRITUAL WARFARE that we are all a part of.

Stay Tuned for the 2nd part of this Blog Discussion….

God's Will


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