Conflict Between Man and God: The Human Mind (PART III)

mapping of the brain

Whether you answer to your wrongs on this earth or not; God will one day hold you accountable for them. That is the simple Truth. It does not matter, whether you believe He exists or not. It does not matter whether you did it for a certain reason or not. If it is a self serving intention, God can see that quite immediately; and will see that as a violation of His Laws of Love. His Laws of Love require us to be unconditional, and selfless in nature. It requires a humbleness of knowing that there is a greater cause out there, that is beyond what we can see or hear with our human eyes and ears. There is no magic or secret potion to it; it’s not about positive energy or negative energy. It is about the state of mind, you are in, in consciously making the decision to follow God’s Laws of Love. And when you believe in a God, the Father of Creation, that says He is beyond the world’s ways, that is a consistent environment for a positive state of mind. This is what Jesus Christ, as the Son of God showed us through His Life and Death on the Cross. It is about choosing with the FREE WILL that God has given you, of whether you are going to restrict yourself to what you can see with your human eyes, and hear with your human ears. God has specifically shown us how we should conduct our lives, with the Life Example of Jesus Christ; from His Humble Beginning of being born in a Manger, to living as a Carpenter’s Son, and even His Death on the Cross, alongside 2 criminals. He says that HE IS BEYOND THE WORLD’s WAYS…and He gave us an example to strive for, when it comes to cutting yourself off from the ways of this world. It is not required by the few, but required by all of Mankind. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, died not for only the few…but for ALL of MANKIND.

Our flawed human logic, which has been fractionated by evil, in so many different ways, to bring us further away from God, has brought us so far away from the greatness God created for all of us to be. I just can not comprehend how there are people thinking that they are in the same league in greatness as the Father of Creation, to be PRIDEFUL enough to call themselves as “godlike”; or to refer to themselves as “I AM”; when there is only ONE that can be called the “GREAT I AM”; or the “LIGHT OF THE WORLD”. There is so much proof in this world, by seeing the lack of harmony that there is in the world that was created to exist in harmony; that there is no one on this earth that can claim to be in the same league of being a “god”. HUMBLE is what we become, when we have become truthfully enlightened by the ONE TRUTH; of the Father of Creation. PURE in HEART & SOUL is what we become when we know God. This purity will be felt by anyone that walks in the path of such a heart and soul; that it will exude love in its purest of forms. That even evil could not deny the greatnest of such power seen with this pure love. One will NOT DEFINE HIS-/HERSELF by the WORLD’S WAYS is what we become when we have been enlightened.

It takes great strength to believe in a Being that is Unseen by the Human Eyes, and Unheard by the Human Ears. It does not take a whole lot of strength to believe in beings that you can see or hear with the human eyes and ears. To uphold the Laws of Love by the One True God, requires loving others more than yourself. It requires for you to see what is beyond the things of this earth; and to refine yourself each day, to bring you one step closer to the Father of Creation. To be consciously aware of avoiding committing the things God has said that are in direct violation of His Laws of Love, and to that of His Kingdom of Eternal Paradise. Most importantly, to humble yourself to God’s Ways of Love, so that you can provide that unconditional love to all those that are in need of it.

God's Will

5 thoughts on “Conflict Between Man and God: The Human Mind (PART III)

  1. Rod Wilson

    Ahh, the self. I want. I need. I feel anger, envy and selfish greed. To rid my mind of these things, I must. Such as gluttony, sloth, pride and lust. But, how do I achieve such an impossible task? Turn back to God, and He will remove the mask (of deception)

    1. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

      That would be right! But how many of us find this so difficult to do, day and night… 🙂

    1. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

      Thank you for always reading my work…and may God find it as worthy as you have said…

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