Why is Evil Running Rampantly in this World…Is It to Fulfill God’s Prophecy

jesus holding the world

(Thoughts were inspired by the movie, “Apocalypse”)

Many human beings wonder, “If God exists, how is there so much destruction and evil in this world?” Or they may think, “If God is the Creator, couldn’t He eliminate all of the world problems, if He exists? Why would He allow for hunger, poverty, and injustice to exist in the world, and allow for His Children to suffer?” What I have learned in my own life is that God allows for these things to exist, in order to teach us the difference in what ways are in line with His Ways of Divine Love; and those that are not in line with His, but with Evil. In fact, according to the Gospel of St. Thomas, Jesus says, “The closer you walk with me, the closer you are to the fire.” This means, that with each step you progress in your path towards the Father of Creation, Satan will not be too far behind you, in trying to bring you 2-10 steps back in his direction, to Hell. St. John’s states, “ The only way to free yourself is to unshackle yourself…to unshackle your heart.”

Human nature shows us that we, as human beings, so easily believe in what we see with our human eyes and ears. But in order to see God, to live by His Words, to experience His awesome Love, we must see things through our spiritual eyes; and hear things with our spiritual ears. This is by far the hardest thing to do. As human beings instead of trying and striving to achieve this vision and hearing, we instead take the easy road, in just denying its existence. And this is what takes us farther away from God….this is what gives evil the power to steer us further away from the greatness that God had originally created for all of Mankind to be. God had created this earth, in such a way for it to exist in perfect Utopia. But upon evil introducing rebellion against God, and caused Adam & Eve to sin, that Utopia was destroyed. Evil convinced Man that we can become equal in knowledge and wisdom to that of the Creator. How can the creation, ever be equivalent to the creator? In the earthly realm, where human logic was stained by evil; from Eden onwards, it may have the possibility to happen only because it is bound by the restrictive boundaries of this world. Our stained and flawed human logic refuses to see that God’s Ways are beyond the World’s Ways; and as a result believes that all within this world is it. And if we can explain away with our human logic, God’s Creations and Ways, then we have either “no need for God/or He does not exist…” OR “We have become just as wise as He…” However God is in the spiritual realm, and the creations will NEVER be equivalent in knowledge and wisdom as the Creator. It could never happen. For the parameters are immeasureable as to what God can reach; while man, without God, is bound by the restrictive boundaries of the earth.. Do you see how flawed human thinking, has become? We could never be “godlike”.

So back to the original question….why would there be all of these bad things happening in the world, if God exists. In the Book of Revelations, that was revealed to St. John, there are a number of stages that will lead to the end of times…and ultimately to the destruction of Evil, and those of Mankind that missed the mark, when it came to God’s Laws of Unconditional Love, and followed evil . God ALLOWED for evil to have a moment of rule over Mankind. That’s right. There is also another instance where God demonstrates this…and that is with the story of the Prophet Job. And what did God tell Job, as to why He allowed for Satan to make him to suffer all he did? It is to test his faith.

So let’s see what the Book of Revelations tells us. For all of the wars that occur, such evil is ALLOWED by God , in order to show Mankind where such paths of hatred can lead, through the philosophy, “Eye for an Eye”; or Wrath. This is why FORGIVENESS is so important. Forgiveness really is not only for the person who wronged you; but really also for yourself. Hatred is such an evil seed that can spread. We saw such hatred spread in so many different ways, throughout world history…like Hitler, Napolean, and others. It just created a cycle of pain, that will never stop, if someone does not take the higher road, in God’s Divine Laws of Love, and to forgive.

By allowing for evil to run rampantly in this world, with the existence of hunger, poverty, and injustice…God wants Mankind to learn where selfishness can lead. Mother Teresa has said, “For every penny that you have over your neighbor that is hungry, you have taken it from them.” This is what happens when people leads lives in excess. When people only see and live by the philosophy, “Survival of the fittest…” Such mentality it not for Man, but for animals. God gave us one thing over animals in thinking, and that is Free Will. THAT IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

So why is there death? So that we understand that LIFE is only through God. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Earthly Life, Death, and Resurrection. Being the Son of God, He showed us that only God, as the Father of Creation, has the authority to determine who can have Eternal/Immortal lives, within His Eternal Paradise. Death was shown to us, to realize His Existence…in that He determines our time on this earth; and that while we are here, we should turn to Him and His ways…to work towards being eligible for Eternal Life, in His Eyes. This authority over determining this eligibility was given to Jesus Christ, as His Son; because upon His Death on the Cross, he conquered evil.

Jesus showed us that God loves us all. It does not matter what role we have decided to take in this world. However, it is with our FREE WILL, we must make the choice, to turn away from the wicked ways of evil. Such ways are SELFISH, SELF SERVING, and SELF LOVING. Nothing of God, is of the self. This is what Jesus Christ showed us with His Life…though being the Son of God, He became the servant of Mankind; and through His Death on the Cross, He died for the purpose of SAVING MANKIND, by giving up His Own Life, to be as was once said by my mentor in the most perfect of ways, “To be the shock absorber of our sins, “ in order to give us a “reset” on our slates, and start over again.

The schemes of evil, which will be carried out by those members of Mankind that are influenced by it, will only have a temporary victory or effect, while on this earth; but God’s Will is ALWAYS, and ULTIMATELY carried out. And His TRUTH always prevails. Those who decided to deny the existence of their spiritual vision and hearing; and only restrict themselves to the earthly vision and hearing, will only shackle themselves to evil. And those who decide to seek and attain their spiritual vision and hearing, will have their hearts and souls set free from evil; and see God’s Eternal Paradise.

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