Weeping Angel

weeping angel


An Angel walks on this earth every so often;

To show the world that everyone’s heart should soften.

Instead of becoming jaded by the world’s ways;

Having the mentality and innocence of a child truly does pay.

These angels come and walk on this earth, when God is weeping;

And when the Earth has in its grounds, evil and suffering, seeping.


They come as a symbol and reminder of God’s Love;

Their words actions, and emotions always reflect those of Whom is Up Above.


But as consumed as we get with the world and its ways;

The Angel lays in its bed, weeping, and prays…

“God, I hurt from being persecuted and being misunderstood,

I only do what You told me I should.

Though to profess Your Words is my Will;

At night, I cry alone, and my soul can not stand still.”


Those who do recognize the Angel, within their midst;

Are drawn to the Angel’s message and get the jist…

With the Angel’s words, enter its triste.


We are to enter the race;

With a quick pace…

To make this world a better place.

So that instead the Angel weeping;

Will know that its words and actions have set hearts and souls…leaping.

That they were all not in vain;

And their memory will not wane.


As an Angel walks on this earth every so often;

To show the world that everyone’s hearts should soften.

Be open to the Weeping Angel‘s pleas;

For they are from prayers on their knees.

These angels hold good to their world;

Though many of the people around them will find them absurd.


Faithful, forever they remain;

With their hearts deeply stained.

Beaten, bruised with actions and words like they were caned.

The weeping angels continue their mission of Love;

Fighting their own loneliness and tears, while asking for strength…

On their knees…

From Up Above.


Thank you Weeping Angels, so full of love and care;

While you roamed, I couldn’t help but stop and stare…

To your smile, so humble and pure;

That was to many saddened souls, a cure.

Today you can stop your weeping;

For God has called you back home…

For His safe keeping.



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