A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

There’s No Silencing Of Me


Each day that I wake up, I think…
It is only because of you, Father God, that I have not withered away to shrink.
Your unconditional love is what sustains me;
And from all of Satan’s evil, try to flee.

As each day goes by, I see evil growing more and more visible;
And I pray that to me you do not make Yourself invisible.
I remind myself everyday that Your Love and Forgiveness is endless;
Despite all of the things that I have done, that may have or have not been pleasing to you…in times of when my world may seem friendless.

All I know is the song that you have put within my heart as a child…
While playing I sang with You with such love that is so sweet and mild.
No matter what evil has tried to throw at me in my life;
You have shown me that with You by my side, You conquer it all, both big and small strifes.

I try to share Your Love wherever I roam on this Earth;
To testify of Your Great love….so that in other cold hearts, to give birth…
An awakening….that invigorates the soul and heart;
That once enlightened with Your Love, of You, they will never part.

Evil will try to manipulate and twist the truth of Your Words;
To confuse and deceive those in denial of the truth, developing mindless herds.
For You, Father God, have taught me how to set myself free;
Of all evil, that is trying to shackle me to it…with their disgraceful doctrines and decrees.

You have told me that You knew me since the time I was conceived in my Mother’s Womb;
And that all I had to do is to seek Your Love and Forgiveness…to avoid Satan’s readymade tomb.
While evil needs to plot and scheme to do their work;
In order to take advantage of the weak, to find their own perks…
Father God, You calmly watch on, to seek who will take listen for You and Your Truth;
Or follow the mindless ways of this world, bound by evil…listening like immature youth.

For Evil constantly bombards us with things that can be manipulated by the human senses;
And counts on this mindless behavior to bring about strain on the relation between God and His Children…such tenses!
God asks us to search and seek, to question and ponder;
To use our Freewill and our intellect so that to evil we will not squander.

Since I was a child I realize the song that You have put within me;
So that I can not only of myself, but help others to set free…
Of Evil, from all of their false doctrines and self love;
That are not from You, Father God…not of the Eternal Kingdom, Up Above.

For there is nothing of this earth that can ever compare;
To the love and happiness that’s in store, that You want with us, to share.
When You put that song in my heart, I knew forever more;
That there’s no silencing of me…because I am forever Yours, as upon the Death of Jesus Christ, You Swore.


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