Daily Repentance


It is until recently that I have come to truly meditate on the meaning of “repentance”. As human beings, we are born as sinners, upon the first sin committed by Eve, in the Garden of Eden, followed by the sin of Adam; upon it being introduced by Satan. Sin comes in all forms; so it is easy to commit one both intentionally and unintentionally. Which is why it is so important to have a daily relationship with Jesus Christ, in order to guide us away from sin, in every form. This is the very reason why Jesus’ blood was shed at Calvary, for all of Mankind, so that we can repent and know what is in direct accordance, and in direct violation to God’s Laws of Love. Remember what can be hidden on this earth, can not be hidden in the Eyes of God. So it is so important to repent, with a whole heart for those things that you feel have violated God. A humble heart is what purifies the soul. The intention of our thoughts and actions is what God will see, not just the deed alone.

We often look for immediate results on this earth. But everything happens according to God’s Will; and it is only Evil that will entice you with worldly riches and rewards, and divert you from focusing on God’s Will of your life. But God says He is not of the ways of this world. He will give you the tools of this world, to give you such things to carry out His Will of your life. NOTE THE DIFFERENCE. We are not to value the ways of this world OVER the ways of the Father of Heaven. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Life, while passing through this earth. We keep in mind the 2 things that were the center of God’s Principles, to which Jesus Christ continuously reminded us through all of teachings, over and over again. LOVE and FORGIVENESS. Without these to principles being the center of your life, you will never be able to enter the gates of Heaven, in God’s Eternal Paradise. If we want to be forgiven by God, we must also forgive others. This is probably one of the hardest things for humans to do; especially when an individual has wronged us. This is human nature. As humans we are so weak. This is why we must have a daily relationship with God, and ask for His Wisdom and Understanding, to forgive, and to not allow anger and hate to harden our hearts.

What we must remember is that when we have a daily relationship with God, we will grow stronger in the faith of God’s Strength. As human beings, we will not be able to conquer Satan and his demons. It is only through the strength of the Almighty God, could we do so. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Life and Death on the Cross. God does not define Himself by the ways of this world. Even His rewards are not of the ways of this world; but of the Heavenly Kingdom Up Above. When you grow stronger in your faith in God, He will help you to discern the deception of Satan and his demons. There is no extent to which Satan will not go to deceive you away from God’s Path. This is why he despises Jesus Christ. Because Jesus Christ conquered evil. Jesus Christ showed how to conquer evil. It is only by, as Jesus said, “Feeling the Truth…“, that we can avoid the deception of evil. And such discernment can only come from repenting all sin within yourself; and developing that relationship with the Father of Creation. It is not enough to quote Scripture, and memorize the Holy Books. It is about living the Scripture.

As Human Beings, God knows that we are prone to sin. But what is the difference between someone who enters the Kingdom of Heaven, and someone who doesn’t? It is repenting to God, for the things that we know have violated God’s Laws. This shows the intention of the heart of a person. A person who is truly seeking God, will endure MANY TRIALS OF THIS EARTH. These trials are thrown at you, by Satan and his demons,  in order to discourage you off of the path to God, permanently. But a heart rooted in God’s Laws of Love, will always know of God’s endless mercy, and ask for forgiveness with a humble heart.  Do not fall into Satan’s trap of feeling guilty and forever being lost in that guilt of committing a sin. Satan wants you to be so lost, and forgetting about God’s endless mercy and love, to which He went to the extent of showing through the Life and Death of Jesus Christ, at the Cross, in Calvary. Those who are lost to evil, are those who shackle themselves to the ways of this world, to which God made it very clear in Holy Scripture that is He is not a part of. Jesus made it very clear that we must give up all the things of this world, in order to find God’s Ways, with the example of His Own Life, and Death.

We must daily repent for the things we do consciously and subconsciously to sin. This must be our daily prayer. The more stronger we become in our faith in God, the more we will know what ways are in accordance to God; and those that are not. And our hearts will grow deeper rooted in God. We must remember, that God has shown us through Jesus Christ, that we have till the last breath in our Human Bodies to repent and make things right with Him. Why we have to do this DAILY…is because we do not know when our last hour or day is on this earth; but only God knows. This is why our path to God, should be pursued on a daily basis. We must daily make this effort, consciously. Remember God judges on the intentions, not just the deeds and actions alone.

We are in a spiritual war; and true freedom comes through knowing God. Whether you believe in God or not; there will come a day where we will need to face Him, when this world ends. This is true. And a judgement will be made as to whether you decided to shackle yourself to the world’s ways; or decided to see what true love and forgiveness can do for Mankind and for all things, by way of the Father of Creation.

7 thoughts on “Daily Repentance

  1. Rod Wilson

    — I Repent —
    I renounce my way and accept God’s Way! There’s no point in getting caught up in the chaos when harmony is at hand.
    — I Have Purpose —
    I trust only in the Creator.
    I take care of the Creator’s Creations.
    I refer to the Creator with only respect.
    I rest with the Creator every Sabbath.
    I take care of my parents.
    I only mate with my mate.
    I keep the Creator’s creations alive.
    I keep belongings where they belong.
    I keep my tongue from being harmful.
    I desire only the Creator’s Heavenly Treasures.
    — I Walk in the Way —
    My Jealous GOD, Whose SON gives us the Holy Spirit, helps me to make earth to be like Heaven with His Will being the Way!
    I trust the Creator to care for & forgive me, the way I care for & forgive His creations.
    The Creator guides me out of temptation & delivers me from the Deceptive matter.
    The Creator quenches my hungry & thirsty soul with the Body & Blood of Christ.
    The Son’s Kingdom, the Holy Spirit’s Power and the Father’s Glory are all my soul requires.
    I please the Creator and the Creator pleases me, to the wonder of all!
    — Amen —

    1. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

      Hmmm….interesting prayer. There are parts to which I agree to; and others that I do not agree to within it. May be it’s more so the wording of some parts of it.

      I’ll have to take a closer look at this Creed. Thanks for the comment though….


    I agree to your overview, and truly Repentance is ultimately a power, privilege to be given and asserted everyday ~ I appreciate your deep understanding ! Blessings friend ~ Deborah

    1. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

      And I appreciate you for always coming to read and share my thoughts….God Bless.


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