The Tears of God



I stare out of my window and see clouds of gray;

And gusts of rain, that are washing the ground and the pavement’s dirt away.

The raindrops of nature remind me of the teardrops of Man;

Is it more than a coincidence, think hard if you can.


When do we cry?

It’s when things in this world are too much to bear, no matter how hard we try.

Times of when we are overwhelmed with fear;

Moments when we are so grief stricken, which can only be expressed with a tear.

Anger that refused to be expressed;

Comes out as tears, instead of words unblessed.


Does not the rain have varied intensities and levels?

From trickles, to floods…

With lightening, and thunder…

Are these not equivalent to God‘s Tears?

To His Saddness, Anger, and Fears?


For He so love the world that He has made;

But in His Image, is quickly beginning to fade.

Due to allowing for the enemy to invade….


All He ever wanted was Love and Loyalty;

NOT, despite what the enemy says, to treat Him like royalty.

Hence He gets so frustrated from all the destruction and lies;

God, who sees more than any of us, cries…

And like us, when we’ve exhausted every tear;

Released all of the frustration, anger, and fear…

There is a hope lit inside;

Happiness and peace seep in , a fact that we can not hide.

Do you not see a rainbow or the sun?

When all of this rain has stopped, after being dropped like a ton?


This is why I say;

That on a rainy day…

These drops that come from Up Above;

Are God’s Tears full of love.

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