A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Clouds Hanging Over Our Earth

Storm clouds


As each day goes by;

We see the Earth, in its own way, and cry.

The climate takes roller coaster rides;

While natural disasters no longer makes any attempts to hide.


Children who were meant to dream, frolic, and play;

Are fighting for safety within their homes and food on their tables, today.

People who try to do good everyday;

Get discouraged by the evil that surrounds them, on them to prey.


Animals who were made to only fear each other for survival, within their Kingdom’s dome;

Now have to fight for their lives, as well as their young, for now humans invade their home.

In war stricken lands;

Based on political lies, people are forced to stands…

For false truths, in order to protect their homelands.


While a cloud hangs over the Earth;

Evil has allowed for so much destruction to have given birth;

To greed, hate, anger and fear…

Making everyone weary of others who deceive and jeer.


Those who know better of what is “right or wrong”;

Should stand tall and strong.

Helping for truth and integrity to prevail and to be remained…

No to be suffocated by those with personal agendas, or of evil their hearts are stained.


For seeking and upholding “TRUTH” is key;

To bring about LOVE and UNITY.

Knowing God requires one to yearn learning about such things;

By uniting and equally caring for all of His Creations, oh what joy it brings.


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