A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The 3 D’s of Evil: Deception, Denial, and Delirium



Evil wants us to believe that we can reason our way out of God‘s Ways. In fact, evil has gone as far as to say that we can know just as much as God, the Father of all Creation, through our flawed human logic logic, versus Divine Logic. DECEPTION

Evil goes on to aid us through flawed human reasoning that the existence of something, someone, or a problem, is not really there. In fact, it goes on to say, that even though we have committed a wrong towards someone, that there is no need to take responsibility for causing that pain or destruction onto someone else. No matter how much it hurts or destroys a person, it’s their fault for “falling for it”; or being so “niave” or being “foolish”. DENIAL

With evil’s constant stimulation through the physical realm, there is now a confusion as to what is right and wrong; when God has made this clear. Evil will say, that the laws God has stated, were only good for that time frame; that it is not relevant to this day and age, in order to confuse us. In fact, we have needs to fulfill and wants to achieve. So it’s ok, go ahead, and give in to it. Evil’s DELIRIUM.

Jesus Christ has said that God’s Laws, as well as the abundance and power of His Love, transcends all time. And that Truth can only be found through Him. Why? Because God says He is beyond the World’s Ways. Evil can continue to manipulate our 5 senses (Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, and Touching); to deceive us as far away from God’s Truth, as possible.

So what decides who God will select as worthy enough to enter His Paradise or not? It is the choices we make. Whether the choices that we make are in line with God’s Laws of Love or not. But we should always be mindful that with every step towards God we make, evil will be right behind, to drag you back in the controls of the ways of this world; to which are in Satan‘s control. We should always battle problems, doubts, and even struggles, with prayer and praise to the Father Up Above.

I have always thought that when we lead a life free from troubles, that we should worry. This means that Satan is not threatened by your faith in the Almighty God, and that he has you just where he wants you, in his control. It is when we grow closer to God, that he becomes angry that you are going further away from conforming to evil’s ways. As a result, evil will throw more trials to bring you back to its ways, and discourage you from God’s Ways. These are true tests of faith. To help you refine it to the perfection, that God created for all of us to have…to the perefection, in His Image, that He created all of us to be. This is what the story of the Prophet Job demonstrated. What we have to always keep in mind, when enduring these trials, is that God never gives us what we can not handle. So if you have more trials, it only means that God thinks you can handle it; and that He wants you to grow stronger in your faith.

So grow stronger in faith….submerge yourself in God’s Gospel…and become a faithful follower of God’s Laws of Love. Avoid evil’s 3 D’s.



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