A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Feel the Truth

Many in this day and age are trying to seek truth, in a rather chaotic world. But Jesus Christ, as well as the Book of Revelations , has pointed out, as each day goes by, we are getting closer to the end of times. And as we get closer to such times, it will be harder to distinguish with our Human Logic, and Human Senses, what is truth and what is not. Why? The Book of Revelations has said, “What was once unacceptable, will become acceptable; and what was once acceptable will become acceptable.”

When we have deep roots in the God who created us, Who says He is beyond the world’s ways, He will be the only one, in those times, that can help us discern the deception of evil. When we grow stronger in our faith in Him, He will help us in knowing the truth amongst the chaos, in the world.

I have decided to reblog one of my entries here, “Feel the Truth”; as a refresher.

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When Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate, at the time of His Sentencing, Pilate asked, “What is Truth?  How do you know Truth?”  Jesus replied by saying, “Truth is not seen or heard;but Truth is felt.”


As human beings we constantly seek proof for truth to things.  However, if God says He is not of the ways of this world; how can we apply earthly proof to His Truth?  I think this is where Mankind “misses the boat”, when they claim Enlightenment.  For those who are Divinely Enlightened by a God who is not of the ways of this world; they live by a means to which is not of the ways of this world; grounded in Unconditional Love,Nonviolence, and Forgiveness. 


When you have found such Enlightenment, you will see why the God that enlightened you sees no value in the physical things of this world.  Think…

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