A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

A Child’s Heart Is What God Requires

Matthew 18,3

As I look outside my window and stare;

I see the so many people walking around, in the world, without any care.

God‘s Love is slowly disappearing from the world, throughout this place…

All to fulfill Satan‘s Revenge against God, making many of God’s Children fall from His Grace.


Eventhough Jesus Christ came onto this earth to live, in order to die for us;

We forget from what punishment we were spared, and continue, against God, to cuss.

God asked us to trust Him, just as a child trusts his/her own mother and father;

To have faith like a child…many do not bother.


I see the world constantly changing…so far away from God and the greatness He created for us to be;

Evil is making sure that the majority of us, will forget, look down, of God’s Ways of Love to flee.

Jesus Christ showed us through His Own Death, that God wanted us to be freed;

To unshackle us of Evil’s Ways…and know of God’s Unconditional Love…to be our creed.


A Child’s Heart is what God’s expects…

A heart that is that has not yet been stained by evil…and bruised by its effects.

It is a heart like this that sees the Face of God…and know of His Unconditional Love;

To know of Abba‘s Endless Forgiveness, that He so willingly shares from Up Above.


Though having travelled off so far from God’s Path;

Take some time, and do the math…

Evil is always ready to take you away from knowing such elation;

An elation that can only be known by knowing a Father that is beyond the world’s ways…not by any blood relation.


A Child’s Heart is what we should strive for;

So that God can enter within us, and prepare us for what Evil has for us, in store!

Jesus is coming very soon;

So allow for yourself, in God’s Divine Laws of Love, to be in tune.


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