A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Flawed in the Flesh…Promised in Soul and Heart to Purity


Father God, sometimes I don’t know why;

Why I see things differently from others…to fit in…I try.

But after all these years, I now see;

God you have given me this vision to live, share and be.

May those that do not understand…be given to see;

Your presence in all that You have given…and finally experience eternal happiness and glee.

For those that choose to mock in what they despise in You…or do not understand;

Be given another chance to experience and see the love that You showed them at the Cross…where for them Jesus took the Stand.


I remember as a small child, I would often play alone…

Singing to you…as my friend…though you are the Supreme Being“The One”.

Now as an adult, I still talk to you as my friend…

With all my fears, flaws, happiness, curiosities…as if there is no end.


What humbles me everyday…

Is the blessings that God for me, you daily say…and lay.

Each time I look at the Cross, where Jesus once hung;

I fall down to my knees, cry out with my soul….and with that same heart, as a child I had sung…


My human mind can not comprehend such love;

That’s come endlessly from Up Above.

My Spirit tells me all day long;

That this was God’s Love Letter…to me….His Love Song.


 My human nature is so flawed;

To which tries to of my soul to separate from my Father….to the point of it being gnawed.

Evil will try to own me through them;

And makes its plans to spread and stem…


But as that child that sang to You;

I have promised to “stick to you, as glue…”

And ever since that was made;

My soul and heart, in Your Nail Punctured Hands, I have laid.

For no matter how much my flesh is thrashed and ripped;

Abba, my heart and soul will come to You, bruised…tattered…and clipped.

All I ask is for You to give me the strength to endure it all;

All trials and challenges, like the Prophet Job….great and small.




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