A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

How the Innocence of Our Children is Slowly Being Taken Away, Through Pop-Culture


I found this point of view, of an upcoming movie review on the movie “Smurfs 2″, quite intriguing; and to be honest, a point of view that I never considered. So I thought of sharing it with you.

God tells us that we should have faith like children. What does this mean? Well, a child wholeheartedly believes in the Truth. In fact a child is the closest to what we, as Mankind, were to be in greatness, to that we were originally created to be in our faith, conduct, and resilience in God. As we look in the world today, it seems children can no longer be….well, children. When you look outside your windows in this summer season, how many children do you see playing outside? How many children do you see now on an IPAD, as young as 3 to 4 years of age? How many people do you see sitting down for family dinners? Remember the times of when shows with “adult themes and language” were only shown after 9PM? There seems to be less and less human to human investment occurring in the world today; and more and more technology playing as the replacement tool. Sure technology is a great thing…but is it a great replacement for what we need to teach our children? Or for that matter with each other?

This bridges me to the title of this entry. If you look at entertainment today, it seems that there seems to be less controls available to what we expose our children to. And this article puts an interesting point across in this regard, with its review of Smurfs 2; and gives us something to consider when we bring our children to certain forms of entertainment. Smurfs was a show that was in its peak for those who grew up in the 1980’s. And it is these people now who would have children, that will be the audience, to where this movie is appropriate for. Is the entertainment industry manipulating the nostalgic value that such shows could bring to the current generation of adults, to introduce less wholesome ideas into the future generations of children? It’s something to seriously consider. Our children do not know enough to make the choice…but as parents we should try to guard the purity of God’s littlest children.

Have a look at the article below….and see what you think.


What do you think…..


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