A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Choosing A Path In Seeking God

bumpy road

Many people believe that people who choose this path, are to be flawless, and to have led sinless lives. And those who do not choose this path, are very quick to point out the flaws of such people, or the events to which they fall short of that perfection that they expect from God’s People. This type of thinking is wrong. In fact it is our flaws, doubts, and even failures within such paths, that remind all of us, how flawed Man is. Man became flawed upon accepting the temptation of Satan in the Garden of Eden. That temptation was offered in order to steer God’s most precious creations away from Him. Upon accepting that temptation, we became weak and divinely, illogical.

If you look through out the history of the Bible, many of those considered Prophets, Apostles, and even Disciples of God’s Laws of Divine Love, came from paths that were not perfect, flawless, or even of nobility. This is the extent God goes to show us that if you come to Him, “as you are…”; and ask Him to love and forgive you…He will take you as you are in the earthly sense, and make you a new person in Him, in the Divine sense. This path was meant for EVERYONE. Not just the few. EVERYONE. This journey is lifelong, as you live on the earth. The purity of a heart, who endlessly seeks this perfection in God’s Eyes, is a heart that will finally touch the Eternal Unconditional Love, of the Father of Creation in Heaven. We, as Human Beings get so caught up in what we can see with our eyes, and hear with our ears. But God says, when you have a heart rooted in seeking His Ways, you can feel the truth, that overrides what Evil can manipulate of what the human eyes can see; and what the human ears can hear. This is what Jesus Christ showed us through the Example of His Life. He defied and conquered Evil with His Teachings, Death on the Cross, and Resurrection into Heaven. These are all things that can not be comprehended by a 2D or 3D human mind; but by a multidimensional spiritual mind, that is rooted in the Almighty God that says He is beyond all the ways of this world.

So, don’t you think, those that chose the path in seeking God, and His Infinite Guidance, will be challenged by Evil, so that they will not know what God has put innately within all, to conquer it? OF COURSE! Satan does not want you to know how to conquer him, and his schemes to take us away from the Eternal Happiness God has promised all. So with each step you get closer to God; Evil will come and tempt…attack…and lure you BACK 5 steps. And when you fall for the temptation, it does not end there. God says, “He will forgive, as long as you come to Him with a repentant heart…” But evil wants to keep you in that regressed position, and will tie you down with the guilt of committing that flaw. Which is where those that decided to not take the path in seeking God, are used as mere instruments by evil, to keep such people back…but pointing out flaws of those that did choose the path. Or the other way evil will keep you in the regressed path, is to make one have no regret for the flaw or sin, that is in violation in order of God’s Divine Laws of Love.

What we have to remember is we have till that last breath in our human bodies to make this choice. Jesus Christ demonstrated this by forgiving the criminal that was being crucified along side Him. This path was meant for all of Mankind, not just for the few. For those that choose the path in seeking God and His Kingdom of Heaven, remember we are all going to face set backs. It is a part of taking on this path. The difference between those who choose this path, and those who do not, is that we understand that God’s Mercy is endless. This is what He showed us through the Salvation that He gave us through Jesus Christ on the Cross. To die in our place! What more can God show us? So we can come back to Him, each time we fall. Do not be held down by those who say, your life is not perfect. Do not be held down by those who say, what you did is beyond God’s Forgiveness. Because all is not. When God has put His Roots within your heart…He will always call you back to Him. No matter how far off the path you have come. He sees your intentions…the purity of your heart; and quite frankly, in the end of it all, His opinion is the only one that matters. We try to reason with our FLAWED HUMAN LOGIC, for what GOD’S DIVINE LOGIC tells us. This is what Jesus meant by saying, “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt.”

We are human, and we make mistakes. God knows this. It is a steadfast faith, a loyal heart in God, that will give us the resilience, and strength to carry on, despite what evil tries to challenge us with. And remember even with our flaws, this is all God asks of us, to put Him as the Head of our households, our hearts and souls….and He will take care of the rest. His rewards are not defined by the ways of this world, but by His Divine Ways. So endure all, but keep focused on God.


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