A Letter to My Heavenly Father

Jesus & Child


Dear Father God:

Thank you for giving me another day to live…to testify to Your Endless Love. Thank you for never giving up on me, no matter how far I may roam off your path, for which You called me to. Through Jesus Christ, You showed me so many things. I feel so unworthy of having such love being shown for me. For Jesus gladly took on Your Purpose for His Life, in that He was born to die, in order to save me , and all of Humanity. He showed me how to have courage, and to never forget how You are everywhere, and in everything. Jesus also told us Your Great Wisdom, that is beyond all the ways of this world; and as a result beyond all human logic, which is bound by them; and how our faithfulness in seeking You will allow for You to show us portions of that Great Wisdom.

Father, Abba, I can only imagine how sad You are, watching us, as Your Children, from Up Above. Seeing all of the destruction, anger, and deceit we have all become succumbed to. Those of us who continue to seek You faithfully, have been beaten, bruised, and torn…growing weak, frustrated, and tired. Yahweh, please see those whose souls and hearts burn for You, and give us the strength to overcome our frustrations, and weakness, so that we can return back to You. And for those of us who have forgotten what Jesus did for us, or those of us who never knew…God, please continue to show Your Mercy towards them, so that they may be given the opportunity to make the choice to find You.

Everything that happens on this earth occurs due to Your Holy Plan. We must still uphold Your Laws of Divine Love, as best as we can. We know that we can not do this by our own flawed human logic; and weak human strength. That is why it is so important for us to get constantly refreshed in You, on a daily basis, at best. As of recent, Father, You have taught me…that our flaws, mistakes, and even our trials, serve as reminders of Your Existence in our lives, which we often forget; as well as how flawed we, as Men, have become.

Continue to watch us from Up Above, Abba. And let Your Will of my life, to be done.


Love Always,

Your Daughter.


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