Rewriting Our Lives…Is that our job or God’s?



Everyday people like you and me;
Make mistakes, known to ourselves, or even for the worlds around us to see.
Wishing that we could peacefully, wipe our slates clean…
From mistakes in our adulthood, even back to our teens.

Many choose to rewrite their histories and lives;
So that they can reconcile with the world outside, though their souls being stabbed like knives.
When you tell a lie so many times;
You begin to believe it as truth, the biggest crime.

Though for the moment, life seems to go on;
And all in life seems great, with a new dawn…
We often forget, truth will always surface and prevail;
Whether on this earth or before the Creator, we each will have to give account for what the lies entail.

Rewriting our pasts is really not a choice;
Especially when pasts have caused others pain, where they no longer had a voice…
Based on what one has rewritten and contrived;
Truth can become so lost, and the lie will thrive.
Without making an amends of some sort;
We allow for such pain to twist and contort.

We must remember that there is a Higher Authority that is always keeping score;
Of what we allow to take root within our core…
No matter how many times we try to bury our past…
It will always resurface, its secrecy will never last.

So, we must lay all truth, good or bad, before the Creator;
And lay the future of our hearts and souls, to The Elevator.
For He knows that we are flawed and make mistakes;
But by not admitting to them, the risk of losing eternity, we will raise the stakes.

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