A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

TRUTH: What is it?


Truth in this world always seemed to follow a “Gray Area”. Why is that? Is it based on different understandings of it? Or is it because evil has introduced different ways of manipulating it? Either way, when it comes to putting God first, and foremost in your life, you will see that those others that put God first, will see Truth in the same way and manner; without any deviations. Why? Because Truth is consistent, which is why it withstands the sands of time. It does not need to work hard, it prevails in all. Plain and simple.

The way you see this is in the most simplest of ways in this world. Look at the animals in the wild, nature outside, or even how a child conducts him/herself? There is certainty in TRUTH, and it just exists…lives. When you are certain in a truth, then why get upset, when someone challenges it? Why get angry when one mocks it? Why seek revenge, when someone defies it? Jesus Christ was a perfect example in demonstrating all this. A divine truth, does not get disturbed or manipulated by a physical world; because it’s parameters are not defined by worldly parameters, but by Divine parameters. We must remember Truth is TIMELESS, and without any boundaries. But is consistent in principle. It does no harm to others, but only displays love, even in environments of danger, anger, and hate. There is no opposition to other truths; but upholding the integrity of the one that you know and feel as your own.

Jesus Christ demonstrated all of this. He was the Son of God, who showed us how God would expect Man to live. That’s what I truly believe. So when someone mocks your truth, remember everyone is entitled to the truth that they know; just as you are. When the time comes, God will let us know if what we believed was correct or not. But one thing He is clear about is, He does not like “lukewarm believers”. He would rather you be on either “certainside” spectrum.


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