Trials & Tribulations


For every believer in a God who says He is not of the ways of this world, they must ask themselves, “Are they ready to endure the times of trials and tribulations?” God says, you must not value the ways of this world, that are not derived by Him. And He makes it very clear as to which ways are in accordance to Him, and those that are not. Just as Jesus Christ showed us with His Own Time on Earth, that those that uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, have to endure the trials and tribulations, because those that truly do what God expects of all His People, they will understand through these trials and tribulations, that God truly is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them. Jesus showed us that even as the Son of God, that He wanted to endure the same earthly trials that we, as God’s Children on this Earth, endure, so that He can show us, just how much God loves us, and to show us truly that HE IS NOT OF THE WORLD’s WAYS, but beyond them.

I think one thing that people seem to loose sight of, when it comes to Jesus Christ is that God knows the evil that exists in the world. The very fact that Jesus Christ came to die, as the Salvation for Mankind, demonstrates this. But God has decided that He wants true believers in His Divine Laws of Love; in His Eternal Kingdom with Him and His Saints.  Not just “lukewarm” people; and definitely not “cold” people, that can be easily swayed by evil. He wants people who are strong, and adamant for God’s Laws of Divine Love. Such ways, as Jesus demonstrated with His Own life or ways of Nonviolence and Love. For any injustice done to us on this earth, we are to leave justice in the Hands of our Creator; because it is not up to us to seek that justice…WRATH is one of the 7 deadly sins. God’s Wrath for doing so, is far worse than anything that happens to us in this world. For any pain that we endured, God can heal it to its entirety; as opposed to any healing done so here, on this earth, w/temporary measures. We are to “turn the other cheek”. Jesus Christ demonstrated this to the extreme of death on the Cross…..are you ready to endure, such a trial, to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love?

Because you see, power and money, can only take you so far. God says, that you can only enter His Kingdom, by giving up these things, because these are things that are bound by the ways of this world. A heart that is childlike in love and purity, is what enters the Kingdom of Heaven. What does this mean? Does a child have any value for money? Does a child value clothes or cars or homes? Such things, in its EARTHLY value are unknown to a child. But they value what is right and wrong. They value love and peace. These are things that truly make a child happy. This is what God means by this. They endure pain, but only to the point of that moment. Look at how easily they forgive….THIS IS WHAT JESUS MEANT TO HAVE FAITH LIKE A CHILD.

Trials and Tribulations, in the Book of Revelations, God has made it very clear that His People will endure great trials. In fact, He asks us, that if we are certain of His Truth, are we ready to uphold His Words to the point of death to our human bodies. God’s people will endure more and more trials, to throw them off the Path to the Heavenly Father. Evil’s time is running out on the earth, and Satan is trying to claim as many souls AWAY from God. His most prized possessions would be those that were once on the path. We must grow strong in our faith, so that we can have our foundations in God, solidified. We must recognize that battle that we are in, is not the of physical realm (despite what we see and hear on this earth); but of a spiritual realm. We must know, through the story of Adam and Eve, that our human strength is no match for what we need to endure the trials of this battle. Our own human understanding and strength is no match at all! Jesus states that, “We should not rely on our own understanding…” And as He demonstrated at the Cross….that it is only through God’s own strength, can we conquer the trials that evil throws at us. God’s people know this…and with the Book of Revelations, God’s People know that it is not earthly victory that we seek; but a spiritual victory. There is no fear of earthly trials or consequences, when you stand by ways that honor God; and the truth of the Eternal Kingdom.

Remember God’s People are not DEVOID of any problems or TRIALS. GOD clearly states that they are FULL of them; because they are constantly being tried to be taken away from God’s Path, by evil. So endure the TRIALS boldly, and proudly. Because the more trials you face, the more threatened evil is getting by your faith in the ALMIGHTY GOD, that says He is not of this world’s ways, but BEYOND them. And if your life is rather problem free on this earth, you should worry, that means evil is not threatened by how you lead your life….you’re going along the path that it wants you to go on…conforming to the ways of this world.

How is your faith these days? Are you scared to die for the Almighty God, and His Divine Laws of Love? If you know God, He says you shouldn’t. Because when we decided to go on the Path seeking God, we would have endured so many trials that our tolerance is already higher for adversity in the earthly sense. And we die a little each time, from the ways of this world, with each victory over a trial we get, in the Name of the Almighty God. So death of the earthly body should not be feared. God says He is not of the earth’s ways, but beyond them.

5 thoughts on “Trials & Tribulations

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  2. Hunt FOR Truth

    I know I wouldn’t care to be persecuted. However, if I found that to be my path, I hope that I’d nicely adjust to God’s will for me. Don’t pray me this fate, however, I pray for God’s will. At present, its not too difficult to see that Christians are dwindling in numbers and that fanatic groups are growing in number. If we trust God and If we stop running the show here, more of God’s plan will become clearly the only choice as we seek to do His will.
    Thanks for writing. I put a ping-back in my post
    where I also linked to an image you used. I’d used it at my previous blog — but it was easy to link to your copy, so hope you didn’t mind.

    1. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

      Thank you for the comment. And no, not at all…

      God’s Will whether we like it or not, is done. You bring up an excellent point about there being some kind of deficiency in trusting God and His Plan. I hardly think “fanatic” groups are growing, in the Christian faith, as you have stated above. I just merely think that in a world that is slowly forgetting the existence of God (which would directly relate to the lack of trust in God’s Plan), such groups that continue in their same devotion to God, seem to stand out more. Not to mention, that in a world that seems chaotic, people do naturally seek for a source that will provide comfort. And it seems more and more are seeking spiritual comfort in that way. Hence bringing me to the quote you see at the top of my blog, stating: “A spiritual path is not dictated by human logic; but by Divine Logic.” And any spiritual path pursued, is one of Nonviolence, Love and Forgiveness.

  3. Hunt FOR Truth

    actually, the reference to fanatic groups was not regarding Christians — however, there are pseudo-Christian groups and these may be growing. I only have studies on the decline of church attendance and related to the decline of Christian worship. I haven’t ever wanted to track what fanatic groups are growing, but I did someplace also have some surveys that support that statement (it was about violence and religion). I will probably post some of the survey information regarding the decline of Christian worship in the future — as I say, I don’t follow the rise of fanatic groups. If the world is forgetting God (and I might agree except it seems more active — like rejecting), then I hope that these blogs may allow people to know that God is the source for all that is Love.


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