A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Great Escape


When tough times hit;

We all long for a Great Escape, to split.

From all the struggles, sorrows, and pain;

At our feet that are daily lain.

Think about the struggles that people face;

That are not filled with parties, wine, and lace…

Can a mother make a plan to disappear?

In her world where she needs to feed a hungry child, to whom she holds so dear?

What about a child that in poverty, he/she is livin’?

Can an escape plan of his/her troubles, be given?

Or say a person who works hard everyday;

To a point where their body is so exhausted, it becomes broken or decays…

Because of how little they earn…they continue to work for the money it lays.

Can an escape plan be given to the man or woman who has been abused by those in their home;

Where they can leave without a trace, and happily roam?

For those who are hungry and can not buy food…

Can such a plan be devised, remaining in the lives where they once stood?

What about for a child being bullied at school…

Such plans would be temporary…and for the bully, become a planned tool.

How about for all those who are grieving?

For all the loved ones that were lost in the “eye for an eye” violence…and of their lives, leaving…

Can escape plans of their grief be given, to those…again…grieving.

WE are given our earthly trials and challenges for a reason;

To know and understand that the things of this world, only last for a season.

Whether enduring happiness, struggles, pain, or loss…

God tells you, that you are to endure all…for the life paths that were given, at a toss.




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