A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Great Escape (Part II)




For God to show us the strength that He had given us…

But we insist to kick, cry, scream, and fuss.

Escape plans were not in God’s Dreams;

In what He had planned for us, in the greatness we are to stream.


Just like diamonds in the rough;

God expects us, as His most priceless diamonds to undergo the weathering to get tough…

So that our greatness and beauty comes through;

With God given courage and strength, no escape plan is needed, to be activated on cue.


These trials are given to us, in order to understands one another;

So that we can love each other…

As, sincerity, a sister and brother…

And in or unconditional love of them smother.


God knows us all too well;

As His Children He tries of us to tell…

That He understands our concerns and worry;

But through an escape plan of the life He gave to us, we can not pick and choose we keep…and bury.


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