Have We Become More Mechanical, and Slowly Losing Our Analytical Thinking?

Since the beginning of Creation, God distinctly distinguished His Beloved Creation of Man, from the rest. How did He do this? By giving Man FREEWILL. When you look at all the other creations on earth, they follow their natural instincts, to which God had programmed within themselves. So why do you think God did this? He wanted to give Man the opportunity to make choices in the lives given to them. He wanted Man to make the choice to follow His Divine Laws of Love. We have to understand that because of our sinful human nature, God wants us to make the choice in seeking for His Truth. This requires more than what we would see with what is right in front of us. But by learning what God expects of us, and using the spiritual vision that He gives us, we learn His Purpose for our lives.

So, with people falling off the path in seeking God, what is happening? We are becoming more mechanical, as human beings, don’t you think? Before, we would see so many people seeking to help others, one on one. Whether it be boy scouts helping “old ladies” to cross the street, or to help them carry their groceries to the car…..OR sitting down for family dinner at the home’s dinner table. This is just to name a few situations that rarely occur in this day and age. How many times do we invest the human heart with others? In the world today, we seem to be so busy to do so.  We seem too busy to even think about properly taking care of ourselves and our families. Nowadays, how many families sit down with their families? Even the amount of maternity leave, for a woman to take off, after giving birth to be with their newborn children. People seem to be working longer days, averaging around 8-10 hours a day? If we do not have the physical time to invest our hearts even to nurture our children; or exhausted to even think for ourselves and the things that truly matter of our souls, just for the sake of getting money for survival….how are we not becoming mechanical? If you look, now children as young as the age of 3 years old are running to technology, for the entertainment and companionship that they crave. Now, adults, are looking for temporary self fulfillment; for quick self gratification, to numb themselves of their exhaustion. As the saying goes, it seems a lot of people are following the philosophy, “Work hard, play hard.” If we are not having the time to nurture ourselves, where would we have the time to nurture the FUTURE OF THE WORLD, with the future generations that are being born today? And for the time that we do have with them, what are we teaching them? These are important questions to consider.

I have travelled extensively in my life, thus far. And there are quite a few things I have learned along the way, based on my life experiences. Earthly things will come and go. But the things that remain with you forever, are those things that that Divinity supplies. No matter where I have gone in my life, my faith sustained me. It is not restricted by location, time, or circumstance. In fact, it transcended all of that. But in order to have and maintain a strong foundation in faith, I had to continuously nurture it; and build on it. One thing I have learned is God always supplies in sufficient amounts. People have just become so busy to see God’s Existence to things, and begin to think that it is by their own doing, that things come into existence. We, today, often waste so much time on unnecessary things. On things that can do so much more harm to our souls, than help them. We begin to lose sight of what God had originally created for us to be, as His most precious out of all creations. God can show us so much more than what we see in this 3D world. It makes me feel sorry for those who have neglected this aspect of their lives. Not to say that I am perfect because I decided to focus on this aspect of my life. But I realize that this journey is a life long journey; and through the little I have seen, thus far, has truly awakened me in mind, heart and soul. Many of those who do decide to travel on this path, in seeking God and strengthening of faith, are often walking this path alone, or finding others that are walking on a similar path. But once you’ve decided to seek, that yearning of developing that relationship with God, will never leave you; and only grow stronger. But God says, we must separate ourselves from the ways of this world to find Him. Evil is running rampantly on this earth, and wants you to forget about God’s Existence; and in moments of where people have been on the path, want to give you so many trials and challenges so that you will grow bitter with God. Evil wants you to REGRESS to animal instincts, and become mechanical, so that you will not be able to invest the time in developing that relationship with the Creator. Evil wants you to forget that God gave you FREEWILL. Evil wants you in its trance. But God clearly states that He is beyond the world’s ways. I always believe when life is going so smoothly for you on this earth, Evil is not worried about you. You’re going on the path that it wants you to go on…conforming to the world’s ways to which God said He is not a part of. The more trials and challenges you face, take it as a sign that evil is trying to throw you off the path in finding and seeking God. Evil wants you to forget that you have the choice in choosing God’s Ways or its ways. It is through this freewill, that God had given us the ability to analytically think about all that we encounter on this earth, to make choices. It is THIS critical thinking that God gave us the CHOICE to choose how we lead our lives. Mother Teresa said it best when she said, “We are not called to be successful; but to be faithful.” We are to CHOOSE to be FAITHFUL…..not to be SUCCESSFUL. God will give us the success we need to fulfill His Purpose of our lives. This analytical thinking is very important to nurture and develop; and to never lose sight of. This will only be enhanced and maintained through a relationship with God. And Jesus Christ died on the Cross to reestablish that direct communication we once had with the Almighty God. (It was initially destroyed upon Man’s first sin, by falling to the Devil’s temptation, in the GARDEN OF EDEN). God wanted us to have that relationship with Him so badly that He continues to give us the chances to CHOOSE His Ways….to talk with Him, to receive His Guidance in our lives. But how many of us choose the mechanical route, today? Not only do we suffer by making this choice, but our children suffer as well, being the future of the world.

So where is the moment to develop your relationship to God? I’m not even talking about a faith base or religion, but just to develop a relationship with God, or to be aware of His Existence in your life?

Are we now too exhausted to even think about God? It’s not about just going to your place of worship, once a week. It’s about having a relationship, and growing stronger in your faith. Think about it, for any relationship that means a lot to you, what do you do? You go out of your way to spend more time with that person; to learn about the things the person cares about; and even talk with them on a regular basis. So where is that with God? The One who ALLOWS FOR YOU TO WAKE UP TO ANOTHER DAY TO LIVE? That’s right…people forget that it is because of God that you can wake up another day to live. It’s not because YOU are keeping yourself healthy; it’s not because YOU have cheated death; it’s not because YOU are exercising. It’s because it is GOD’S WILL FOR YOU TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY.

It’s sad for me to think that people believe solely in what is in front of them. These things can be easily manipulated by Evil. It can easily be twisted to hide the Truth behind things. When you believe in a God who says He is beyond the world’s ways…who can give you knowledge beyond what you can see with your human eyes, and hear with your human ears; and feel with your heart and soul…you will not be fooled. GUARANTEED. God promises this. The question is, when has creation become equal to the Creator? When has the creation become smarter than the Creator? He gave us freewill, so that we can think for ourselves, to see the Truth of His Love. That all “order” comes from Him; not by what we manufacture. Evil wants you to believe that you are working so hard on this earth, towards obtaining the knowledge of creating order on this physical realm. TRUTH is God, the Father of CREATION, determines this. This is a DIVINE knowledge, that is translated all the same exact way by ALL OF THOSE inspired by Divinity. In ways of Nonviolence, Love, and Peace. Plain and simple.

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