A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

A Letter to My Divine Father



Dear Father God:

Thank you for allowing for me to wake up to another day to live. I know that it is only through Your Great Love and Mercy, that you saw it fit for me to do so.  I look out my window today, and see what all you have given me to see. The beautiful sun, that beats warmly on my skin, and a light so radiant, that no manmade illumination can compare. Nothing in this world gives me more peace than when I talk to you, Father. And you so kindly answer me back, with such gentleness and love. Oh how I feel so unworthy at times, for the love that you give me each day, Yet, you show me everyday, that I am worth more than “sparrows in the sky”; and “take care of me, as the lillies in the valley”. I begin and end each day, with my thoughts to you. I just can not imagine any other day to live, without doing so. For my heart reminds me each time, that I belong to you.

As the days go by, my heart grows more weary and sad. I see so many people in pain, and feeling so alone; forgetting that You are waiting with arms wide open, for them to come to You. Many are lost, and trying to find a way to you; but they just refuse to see the ways that You show them, how to. Or they are so lost, that they just do not have anyone in their worlds to show them how to find you. Father, I know only You alone can illuminate one’s path….I can only point to the direction to Your Path; or even plant the seeds of Your Love. Please help them to find their way back to you; and to give me the strength to remain on it.

Father, Abba, I know you have told me that my faith should be tested, so that I can come back to the perfection that you had once created for Mankind to be. You have promised victory through You, through Jesus Christ, Your Son; and I believe that with all my heart. Please just give me the strength to endure, so that I may see Your Face, one day. You have told me over and over again, that you are not of the ways of this world. And that you do not judge one based on their actions, but on the intentions of one’s heart and soul. I know for this reason, that I am no one to judge another one of my brothers and sisters; but with Your Guidance, please give me the discernment of what is from You, and that which is not.

Abba, thank you for giving me the chance to make things right with You. Thank you for all that you have given me, within this little life of mine. Thank you for giving me life, so that I can witness to Your Great Love. Through earthly trials and challenges, that even Jesus Christ, Himself was not exempt from, Your Love extended as far as to enduring what I may go through on this earth, to show me, that You understand what I go through. You loved me as much as to take the punishment that was intended for Mankind because of its sinful human nature, and took it as your own, so that I may be given the choice to return back to You; rather than to be lost forever in Evil’s darkness. Thank you for never giving up on me.



Your Daughter


2 responses

  1. Beautiful….sharing this on my Facebook Page; “Thoughts From The Porch”…Have a blessed day!

    October 23, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    • foodforthespiritualsoul

      Thank you! And I hope that you always have a blessed day, friend. 🙂

      October 24, 2013 at 6:55 pm

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