Prosperity Teaching Vs. Biblical Teaching

When you believe in a God who says His Ways are not of this world, why would His Rewards conform to the ways of this world? Why would He reward you for your earthly good deeds, by earthly measures? He is much more capable of providing so much more than what this earth, HIS CREATION, can provide. This is what I have a hard time understanding, that many Christians believe.

Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was not given any royal earthly circumstances, nor anything of earthly value, while roaming this earth. And nor did He pursue any fame, fortune, or anything of earthly value, while He walked this earth. READ THESE SENTENCES AGAIN. So why, as CHRIST-ians would we think that God rewards us with earthly things, for things that honor Him. Are any of us any better than Jesus Christ, when it came to serving the Almighty God? Yet, look at His earthly “wealth”:

1.  He was born in a stable, and laid in a manger.

2. He lived as a Carpenter’s Son.

3. He spun His Own Clothes.

4. He ate whatever the earth provided Him.

5. He died the death sentence of a criminal; after being convicted of a crime He did not commit.

Where in all of this, does it say, that Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was rewarded for His Good Deeds in the form of money, fame, or fortune? In fact He roamed with people who were considered as outcasts, and ostracized from the norm. Jesus said that He came here to be the physician of the “spiritually ill”. What I feel that a lot of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters, who believe in the “prosperity teaching” are missing is the Life Example the Jesus Christ left for us, altogether. God went to the extent of showing that He has no value for the world’s ways, through the life circumstances that He provided for His Own Son. Plain and simple.

If we call ourselves CHRIST-ians, we have to look at the Life Example that Jesus CHRIST left for us. To each of His 12 Disciples, that came from all different walks of life, He told them, “Give up everything, and follow me.” When the rich man asked Jesus Christ what will it take to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, other than following the 10 Commandments, and Mosaic Law, He said, ” Give up your wealth, and follow me.” For every miracle that Jesus performed, did God reward Him, with money, or wealth (in the form of a big house)? In fact Jesus Christ, roamed around, like a SHEPARD…a nomad.

Does God punish someone, while they roam this earth? No. Judgement comes after the person has left the earth. We are given life circumstances to walk in, and live in. In fact, throughout the Holy Bible, there are many examples from both the Old and New Testaments that all of God’s Servants were tested and tried in the earthly sense, which made them stronger in their faith. They were not free from trials. In fact, if God says He is not of the world’s ways, what does that say? That evil has dominion of the world’s ways? Maybe. So why would we aim for wealth, fame and fortune? Or why would we think that by the more we give to Church, the more God will bless us? We should give what we can to help God’s Ministry of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that others can learn of His Unconditional Love at the Cross. But it is not right to say that the more you tithe, the more God will bless you. Or where does it say, that you must be doing thing right in God’s Eyes, if things are going smoothly in your life? Where does Jesus Christ say this? In fact, the closer you get to God, the more trials are going to be thrown at you, to throw you off the path to God. To discourage you from getting back on the path, once you have fallen off. God says He is not of the world’s ways. Holy Scripture says in addition, for that reason, God’s Children, who are faithful to His Laws of Divine Love, will be ridiculed and persecuted in this world.

As CHRIST-ians, we have to study the Life of Jesus Christ. We have to ask for God’s Guidance when reading Scripture, as to what is it He wants us to learn from His Son’s Life; and what is to come for us, as His Children, before His Son’s Return to the earth. In the Book of Revelations, Jude and John, God does say that His Children will be ridiculed and persecuted, some to the point of death. Did Jesus Christ, not show us this, within His Own Life? If giving in to human nature’s desires and wants is what caused Adam & Eve to sin, why would following our human nature, be pleasing or not a problem in the Eyes of God? Did Jesus Christ do that, in His Life on this earth? No. So who was it that said it was okay for us to give in to our human nature, and to do what we want? Well, who was it that said it was okay for Adam & Eve to do it? So where is this prosperity teaching originating from, my fellow CHRIST-ian brothers and sisters? Because Jesus CHRIST did not teach such things.

There is only ONE Jesus Christ; and He gave an example to STRIVE for. Will we ever come close to achieving that level of greatness? Only He could tell us this, on the Day of Judgement. So, my fellow Christian brothers and sisters, do not let anyone tell you that your “lack of things in this world” or “you should feel shame for not achieving or attaining a certain level of things”, is a result of a punishment from God for either not doing enough to honor Him; or because you did something to displease Him. It is simply not true. Jesus said, through His Many Parables that God will allow for the sun to set on both the good and evil in this world, all the same; until the Day of Judgement. So, what may seem beautiful or bountiful on this earth; may not be so pleasing in the Eyes of the Creator in the Eternal Kingdom.

Prosperity in this world is not what God has called for us to attain, as a reflection of how faithful we have been to God. God says He is not of the world’s ways. So He will not reward by earthly measures in abundance, but in just sufficient amounts. Or when you focus on attaining these things, you will not focus on God’s Ways. God sees the intent behind everything we do, to see if it honors His Ways of Unconditional Love or not. So we have to be focused on that above all else.



11 thoughts on “Prosperity Teaching Vs. Biblical Teaching

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  5. Vincent Duncombe

    Thank you for adding this. I do think however, we spend too much time fighting the prosperity message and should be instead explaining the correct interpretation of the texts prosperity teachers are using. Many times all Christians get from our discussions is that we are against prosperity teaching … however, we do not leave them any ammunition for explaining their disgust for it when they meet someone who is a prosperity doctrine believer.

    Thanks for the post.

    1. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

      Thank you for your comment.

      I personally believe, if you truly do study the Life and the Teachings of Jesus Christ, He has provided plenty of evidence to say, that earthly prosperity is not the measure of your success in God’s Eyes.

      If God is Love, and He represents Love….the purest acts of love are done by children. Do they own anything in the materialistic sense? No..

      For me Prosperity teaching has shown to mislead a lot of people in Jesus’ Teachings. I have seen many people believe that if they are undergoing a trial in their life, that it is punishment from God. Which I believe is not true. Or if their are not so well to do, that it is because they are not optimizing their faith. When in my life experiences I’ve seen beggars in the street show the purest acts of love, than those who have more fortunate circumstances on this earth. God gives us all certain circumstances to live with, to find our way to Him. But I personally believe it is wrong to tell someone that God’s Blessings (represented by earthly fortune, in the Prosperity Teaching) are a reflection as to how faithful you are to Him. Just look at how Adam and Eve were, in the earthly sense, since the beginning of time.

      Many want a tangible measure, to show the progress of their Path to God. So maybe this is why the prosperity teaching was developed. However, can we see someone’s spirituality? Can we measure someone’s spirituality? To me, no. Only God can see this. As human beings, if we begin to measure our spirituality based on what we own on this earth, we often lose site of the spirituality factor, and begin to focus on earthly things, instead. That is a form of “love” of money. What began as the love of God; transforms to valuing and loving the riches. However, the spiritual journey is about spiritual prosperity, and not about earthly prosperity. In the last books of the Holy Bible, which are the books often overlooked by Christians, there is a lot of evidence of such things. God clearly states that an earthly death is nothing in comparison than a spiritual death. Jesus endured the life and death that He did, to show us that even though being the Son of God, He was born and lived under humble life circumstances, and died a death, by a means that is less than what on this earth, was considered noble. That is the extent that God went through to show us that His Ways of Blessings do not conform to the world’s ways.

      This just happens to be my understanding of it. God judges the purity of the heart and souls of individuals. And that’s determined by our intentions with the things we do in our life. Is it for earthly gain of any kind; or are they completely selfess acts, done just out of your love for God and what He stands for.

      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by 🙂

      1. Vincent Duncombe

        Yes. I get the point you are making. I clearly understand that not everyone will be rich and that this has nothing to do with our level of spirituality. However you still are just opposing instead of dealing with the texts prosperity preachers use.

        How do you explain all the texts in proverbs that point to prosperity if you are diligent in your work? Or all the promises of blessings in the Old Testament for following God’s rules. These are the texts we need to dwell on and show how these promises remain true in the absence of biblical prosperity taught by the tv evangelists. If we do not offer an explanation for these texts out members will continue to be pulled away for lack of understanding.

        I personally believe that the bible teaches prosperity but not in the way the tv evangelists preach it. It is a prosperity message that can both account for the riches of the Old Testament and the fact that Jesus did not have much (if any) worldly possessions. I write a free book about it that is available on my site if you are interested. But I believe we new to teach people how to explain these prosperity texts and not just say that ago is not gong to make everyone rich. I hope I am making sense. As I am not trying to be argumentative because I am in full agreement with your previous response.

      2. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

        I honestly think that we are on the same page, as well. I just think the Holy Spirit may have made us to understand it from different perspectives, but with the same ultimate thought.

        You are right to say that in Proverbs there are many verses which proclaim what you have stated above. However, there is a flaw in human nature, especially that which is not focused in the Holy Spirit. If we take the verses literally without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then this is when abiding by Scripture, can transform to abiding to the world.

        I’m not against being prosperous in this world. God has given all of us different circumstances to live, in order to fulfill His Will of our lives; which was molded since the time we were conceived in our mother’s womb. However, as Adam and Eve demonstrated in the Garden of Eden, by giving in to our human nature, it will lead to sin. We were always meant to be in constant communication and communion with God. But this was broken when they CHOSE with their freewill to sin.And as a result of that sin committed, we are all born with a sinful human nature.

        I think I heard it best by a minister I was listening to. He said, “Because if you try to imitate God with your own strength, you will be a miserable replica. But if you allow for the impartation of Jesus Christ to over take you, suddenly it all works. Because it is Him imitating Himself, and He is very good at being God.”

        Thank you brother, and let God continue to guide us both through our Spiritual Paths to Him. God Bless.

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