The True Meaning of Unconditional Love



When you think of Unconditional Love, what comes to mind?

For me, it’s a love that is powerful, yet shown with actions that are so mild and kind.

It is selfless in nature, devoid of any sort of pride;

Devoid of hearts that are rooted in lust, greed, or have lied.


Unconditional Love is such a powerful force;

That it is beyond anything of this earth could explain…coming from an Almighty Source.

Such love could bring peace to wars;

And heal broken hearts and souls, down to its cores.


A heart rooted in such a love does not know any other way to live;

Without any limits…it continuously gives.

It gives beyond its physical self…due to not being defined by the world’s ways;

Such love comes from a heart that is not driven by the world; but its ways all to Divinity it lays.


The Truth of such love is not only seen or heard;

It can be felt by all that encounter such a heart…whose love soars the heights of birds.

For God showed us through Jesus Christ, His Son;

Demonstrating His Unconditional Love for us…when all is said and done.


Despite the chaos in this world;

God has shown us His Love remains constant and unfurled.

His Love is Unconditional in nature;

With such power and stature.


Such love does not abide by earthly boundaries and lines;

Because it is being led by Divinity…it comes in all frequencies and sines.

For such love is carries such great power, often overlooked;

Which can not be fully understood by those who have been jaded or crooked.


For the true meaning of Unconditional Love could only be found;

By those who are Heaven bound.

God is Love, so we must continue to seek;

The Creator, to which such love is constant, powerful, mild and meek.

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