A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

We Will Survive By Faith



As God’s Children, we will survive by faith;

It does not matter what is done or saith…

To remain steadfast in faith, we must not live for this world;

For God makes it very clear, that this is the only way His Truth will be unfurled



If we truly are enlightened by the Divine God;

There will be no fear, only joy, in a heart that received the approval of God’s Nod.

God has said many times that His Ways are not of the world’s ways;

It is through faithful seeking of God, that God bestows faith, and in your heart, His Truth He lays.



It is by faith we, of our broken spirits are permanently, revived.

In the end, it is only by our faith in God, we survive.

For it is only because of God, we can wake up to live another day;

Not by what we think, or say.



Faith is a gift, not something earned or bought;

It is not even obtained by being chased after, or caught.

God chooses who He bestows this gift to;

It is said that it usually is given to those who humbly seek, and God says the number are few.



Though God is so willing of it to freely give;

Very few will enter through the sieve.

We will survive by faith, this is what God has said;

His Holy Words should be lived by, and read.


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