A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

There is Something in the Air

In Argentina

In Argentina



“There is something in the air;

That is hard for me to not think…or to care.

For many of God’s Children have felt this everywhere;

God revealing His Truth, here and there.



Jesus Christ once said, “Truth is not seen or heard; but is felt…”

God deals with His Children in this manner…not with the earthly words that they are dealt.

There is something in the air;

And God reveals His Truth to those who listen, if they dare….



God always calls on those who are least considered…

Those who of this world, having no agenda, or are bittered.

Many have tried to silence God’s Truth;

But those who are enlightened know that despite that, God will make HIs Truth known…for their hearts to be soothed.



His Truth is not meant to stir up fear;

But only of His Kingdom to remain focus and towards to steer.

When we focus on this path, we will see;

That the world’s ways have from Divinity…flee’d.



There is something in the air;

God tells me everyday to take note and care…

WE must of our hearts and souls;

Remain focused on God’s Kingdom…always as our primary goal.


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