A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Distractions and Being Too Busy: Evil’s Modern Tool

God wants us




Just like any relationship that we invest our hearts and of ourselves in, we need to take that time out for God. Think about it. In order to develop a business, what do you do? You make the time to plan; to meet people; to talk to people. For your best friends and family members, you do the same. So why wouldn’t it be any different for God? It is the investment of the heart, that is required. However with God, it requires you to step out of the “flesh”; and into the presence of Him. God says He is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them. It requires investing yourself, in learning His Divine Laws of Love, which He has revealed in His Holy Scriptures, and the teachings of the many Prophets that came to preach them. It takes for us to take the time out of our “busy life schedules” to just have those intimate moments with God. Having that “heart-to-heart” with the Divine Father.

Evil knows that Man does not respond to extreme evilness. Because that would be easy to detect, in order to be avoided. It would not have the chance to take root. So evil tries to introduce things and ways of life that are in direct violation of God’s Laws of Divine love, in subtle ways. So by the time a sensitization, and an acceptance is taken, that is when evil will have its roots planted. So distractions and business of the world today, is what is being used, so that we will not have time to invest in God; and so that we will not have the time to fully examine the things that are taking root with us. Satan wants you too exhausted to pray. He wants you to be too distracted from life circumstances, so that you can either blame God for them; or to forget about God’s Existence altogether. If God says He is not of the world’s ways, then we will understand what it means to remain steadfast in God; and will not base the health of our relationship with God, based on the emotions of our distractions and the business of this world. From what I have come to understand is that it is not even the quantity of time, you spent. It is by the quality of the time you spent with God.  God asks us to be intimate with Him, so that He can talk to you, beyond what we see and hear in this world. HE SAYS HE IS NOT OF THE WORLD’S WAYS; BUT BEYOND THEM. It is not enough to sit and listen to the Word of God. To have that intimate relationship with God, it requires for us to SEEK Him, on our own. Sitting through a service is not enough. Is sitting for an appointment with a client enough to develop that business? Or is a visit to a friend enough to develop that relationship? NO. So why would it be any different with God?

The world today has become so busy that we no longer have the time to even teach our little children their nighttime prayers; or even showing them how to live a life of love and goodness, with a true investment of the heart. A truly invested heart, has that connection with Divine Love. That is the only way Unconditional Love, can only be practiced in one’s life. Because by our sinful human nature, we can only love by CONDITION, with our own human strength. This is the difference between walking by FAITH; and walking by FEELINGS. Faith is (or should be) unconditional; while feelings are based on the condition of the circumstance. So Satan knows how to provoke and invoke feelings. Why else would he and his colleagues(in order to spread evil) say, “Act on your human nature”; or “Do what comes naturally to you” ? HE is the one who tainted human nature! And he will continue to do so, until his time runs out on this earth. That countdown began upon Jesus Christ enduring the tortuous punishment He went through. That punishment, was intended for us! But out of His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…not BEING DISTRACTED from the human pain, and suffering of the torture He endured…or the human fear of what was to come…He still remained intimate with God…and His Will. Our future for the world, no longer knows how to be intimate, or how to invest the human heart, anymore. They base it on actions…achievements. Look at the role models of children today? They are no longer policemen, doctors, civil servants of Mankind. They are now those who are trying to attain the ways of this world. GOD SAYS HE IS NOT OF THE WORLD’S WAYS, but BEYOND THEM. The reality is, God judges on the purity of the intention of the heart, out of the love of what He created for us to be…His Children.

It is not enough to be called; it requires a constant examining of the heart, to make it to the purity that was seen once, in Adam & Eve, before falling to Satan’s temptation, in the Garden of Eden. This requires going through trials because that is also evil’s ways of distracting you off the path. The most powerful tool we have against evil is prayer. That is our direct lifeline to the Father of Creation. And the more we do it, the more powerful it (our prayers) become; the more stronger we get in our faith in Him; and make a vessel worthy enough for the Holy Spirit to enter within us. David Wilkerson, of Time Square Church, and founder of Teen Challenge, said it best when he said, “A praying Man or Woman is the scourge of Hell.” The main reason why Satan introduced temptation to violate God’s Laws of Divine Love is to destroy that direct communication and pathway we had to God, as originally seen with Adam and Eve, before they fell to it. But upon Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross, and taking on our sins; that direct pathway was reestablished. It is now up to us, to remain strong, just as Jesus Christ did…and showed us through His Own Life and Death.

You have to remember that evil wants to distract you with emotions of fear, lust, gluttony, sloth, pride, envy, wrath, and the greed of attaining the worldly things of this world by fame and fortune. Evil wants to reshackle you to this world, because he knows that he can no longer regain access back to the Eternal Kingdom. And he does not want you to have what he and his colleagues could never have again, based on their fall from grace. Evil wants to distract you with the business of this world, so that there is no time to invest the human heart and tenderness. It is our spiritual condition and how we deal with it, that will determine whether we enter into Eternal Paradise. Not the earthly condition. GOD’S SAYS HE IS NOT OF THE WORLD’S WAYS; BUT BEYOND THEM. So why would the ways to enter into Eternal Paradise conform to the world’s ways? Why would the wellness of your worldly conditions determine the progress of your path to the Eternal Kingdom?

Distractions and the business of the world is what is preventing us as Mankind, from tapping into the direct pathway we have to God. If Jesus Christ saw that it was worthy enough to die for, in order to reestablish that again, why would we not invest in that? God showed us how in love He is with us, by giving up His Son to show us, and that He keeps on giving us chances to come to Him, until the last breath in our earthly bodies to do so. While we seek on this earth, for that same kind of love….with that search not being so fruitful; we often take for granted the love that is always there. Waiting with arms wide open.

Don’t get so distracted that you do not have time to talk with God. Don’t get so busy in your life, that you put him on the “backburner” or in the back of your mind. If you do, you will be doing exactly what evil wants…and will fall prey to it taking root within you. Make the time for God, and He will bring order to your chaotic world, and a love that is undying, for you.


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