A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Before We Point Out the Flaw in Our Fellow Brothers & Sisters, We Must Recognize Our Own Flaws: PRIDE vs. SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT (Part 2)

Pride and discernment

When we grow stronger in our faith, we make that bond between ourselves and God stronger. Prayer allows for us to keep that direct line of communication open with God. And when we grow stronger in making the choice to be with God, He will help us to know what is His Ways or not….or give us SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT. What you have to remember unlike Pride, that operates on looking at the flaws of others, Spiritual Discernment also operates on one’s own flaws. This is what Jesus Christ meant by the Scripture within the title of this entry. SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT is not about feeling good, and making yourself feel good with your flaws. It’s about being in tune with God, and working back towards the grace He once created for you to have, to which our sinful human nature often gets in the way of achieving. We must be completely aware that humbleness and humility is a result of knowing our own flaws, and working towards fixing them. All of us are flawed in the eyes of God. The difference between those who decide to walk the path to God, and those who don’t? They work on themselves, and know that only God can change others. Jesus Christ said, that we are going to be held accountable for OUR OWN ACTIONS, when we face Judgement. Not by what others did, or what they did to influence us. That is why God gave us Freewill. But through our testimonies in what we have realized when we were working on our flaws, with the help of God, we become enlightened with God’s Knowledge, through the battle we went through with Him, for overcoming that flaw. SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT. By sharing our testimonies our victories in conquering our flaws, with the help of the Father of Creation, we help others to see this, and God’s Greatness.When you focus, and maintain your connection with God, God will help you to discern what is of His Divine Laws of Love, and that which is not.

We must be very mindful, however, that evil will try to make us feel guilty for obtaining the Divine Knowledge we gain in our victories of conquering our sinful human flaws, through God. This is how he will try to mislead you; and mislead many others about you. Despite all this, we have to be confident in our faith, and confident in the Almighty God that rules with His Greatness from His Throne. God’s ways are not bound by the world’s ways. Only evil’s ways are. So know that our ways should be focused on the spiritual, not the earthly ways.

We’re all in this together. This is what Jesus Christ showed us, in His Life and Death on the Cross; and while sitting on the Right Hand of the Father of Creation, right now. He gave us a Life Example to study and learn from. Grow stronger in faith, and allow for God to guide you. God Bless….



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