A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Denying The Wrongs You Commit Towards Others: PRIDE,One of the Carnal Sins (Part 1)

The hardest thing for any human being to do is to admit when they are wrong. No one wants to be wrong. However, a truly enlightened soul will know the perfection that the Father of Creation (Yahweh, Jehovah, God, Devum) is, and that we, as human beings, are full of flaws, especially in comparison. It boggles me everyday, how some can compare themselves, or call themselves with the titles of “god”, or the “I AM”…when in reality based on our sinful human nature, it is not possible. Jesus Christ being God’s Son, was the only One that walked this earth, that could ever claim as such. Though evil tried to tempt Him, Jesus Christ was able to resist, and fulfill God’s Plan for His Life. He exhibited love for those that not only loved Him back; but also those who didn’t know Him; and those who ridiculed and persecuted Him; and even those that killed Him. He demonstrated this till the very last breath in His Earthly Body, to show us, what God expects of us; and to provide a life example that we should strive for.

If there was one Carnal Sin that is the hardest to combat, I would say it would be that of PRIDE. Why? It comes in many forms. Many that are obvious, and those that are not so obvious. But in this entry, I was trying to ponder on the reasoning behind the act of denying doing wrong. We seem to demonstrate this as early as a Toddler. Well, Psychology likes to describe this stage as the Phase of “Ego”; which translates to “the self”. Does not Pride only take the “self” into consideration? We, as human beings, never want to be told that what we did is wrong. Or what we think is wrong. Or what we believe is wrong. But if it is causing pain to another of God’s Creations, does that justify the lack of correction?

I have seen history being rewritten in the lives of families, in history books, and even in everyday life, in the efforts to avoid correcting a wrong; or for that matter to recognizing a wrong being committed. OR WORSE, TO HIDE THE WRONG. This is detrimental on so many levels:

1) It denies for forgiveness to occur.

2) It denies the correction of a flaw within that human being, which only creates room for deception of evil.

3) Divinity has no room to enter such a soul.

4) Such secret sins, can manifest to sins in other areas of one’s life

5) Room for other wrongs to be committed

6) It perpetuates deception for many generations (to hide a lie)

Humans seem to think that denying a wrong, makes it disappear. With such a thought, it shows how such a soul is restricted to the parameters and boundaries of this world. That one has truly not understood what the purpose of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross was…to unshackle us from the ways of this world. By thinking that we can deny, or reason out a wrong committed towards another (or inflicting pain towards another) is in its own way, denying the act of Unconditional Love, that was demonstrated by Jesus Christ, at the Cross at Calvary; and reshackling yourself to the ways of this world, to which the Almighty God has said His Ways are not a part of. In a truly spiritually enlightened soul, they would know that there is a Higher Being that is omnipresent.  And that there is nothing that occurs on this earth, that will go unaccounted for, or unnoticed by the Father of Creation. And that the admittance of one’s wrongs or flaws, is a sign of true humbleness, and a sign of true enlightenment.

Evil will try to convince that there is no need to make wrongs, right, in those who are spiritually confused and lost. And for those who are spiritually stronger and mature, Satan and his demons will use the guilt to destroy them. We must remember that God promises that once a wrongdoing or flaw is brought to His Feet, with a sincere heart of repentence and remorse, He can wipe your slate clean of that wrongdoing. Healing and forgiveness can occur. At the same time, it will have the courage, to confront the wrong committed; as well as the person that was wronged to correct them.

PART 2 to Come……


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