A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

As I Woke Up This Morning, Father You Immediately Showed Me Your Presence

girl crying

Dear Father God:

As I woke up this morning, you immediately showed me Your Face. By allowing for me to wake up and see another day to live and breath. You reminded me of my loved ones; and even the animals in the wild. You spoke to me, as I spoke to you in my morning prayers. Oh Father, I just wish people could see what I see in my relationship with you. And though the things of this world often give me several tests, or challenges…I always get a glimpse back, as to what you had helped me to conquer.

God, I see so much….and wish that they could change. But in these moments I feel Your Gentle Hand, holding mine, and saying ever so gently…”This has to be…so that all can have a chance to see Me.” Father, I know I should understand. And I know that I myself, am not sinless in nature. But I just wish people could open their eyes and see what You could do for them; as You did for me.

The trials are hard Father, and the challenges too. I know that I’m not the only one, who thinks this too. I know that I can not get through them with my own strength. You have shown me this, many times in the past; so I ask again to give me that strength. To endure all that is needed for Your Will to be done of my life. And hoping that to those that I love and care, you provide that understanding of Your Will.

I remember thinking as a child, that God’s Children endure so many trials, and endure so much anguish for the path that they choose. I have come to realize it is because those who do undergo the anguish, understand that Your Ways are not of the world’s; and it is a spiritual anguish of fighting the flesh, and that which you have instructed for us to do. It is the frustration of the two rarely meeting, that this anguish stems from.

I promise Father, that till my very last breath, this will be what I strive for. To stand for your truth, and the Love that Jesus showed all of Mankind at the Cross. For everything Jesus endured for me, I will never forget. For He took onto Himself, what was meant for me, and all of Mankind.

Lovingly Yours,

Your Daughter


One response

  1. Grace

    How magnanimous of the abundant life and the Father’s love we wake up to each day. It is very overwhelming to count my many blessings even when I can’t make ends meet. The Holy Trinity is always with us. The Father has promised not to give us more than we cannot handle.

    But it is very hard to fight back tears of the so many atrocities we pour on each other in this beautiful world. To learn that Syria has been in a domestic turmoil since March 11, 2011 and so many people have been displaced (approximately 9.5 million). Children who had been starved for months were rescued and when offered food did not know what to do with it. And there is more ——

    This Lenten season, dear Father, please remind us to think of world issues beyond our own. That we can give up food and contribute to the CRS Rice Bowl. That we can save electricity as we think of our brothers and sisters in countries, war-torn or not, who are living in spiritual and physical darkness. To enlighten our families and friends to the need of being our brothers keepers by sharing the little we have.

    I am very grateful for Your daily presence, giving us abundant life, constant love and forgiveness. Love You bunch for giving us Your Dearly Beloved Son, Jesus Christ!

    March 14, 2014 at 2:35 am

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