A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

God Is In Control….Jehovah Is In Control….Yahweh Is In Control….Devum Is In Control

We must remember that despite the chaos in our worlds, that God is in control.Many, out of pain, confusion, doubt, and fear will forget this. These are all tools of Evil. When you believe in a God who says His Ways are beyond the Earth, you will see God and His Ways….in those moments of pain; those moments of confusion; those moments of fear and doubt. He will drive out all, the moment we realize He is in control.

Through trials…through conflict…through tribulations…that we encounter in our lives, God is peeling away another layer of ourselves, to make us unshackle ourselves to this world.God gives ALL OF MANKIND the chance to use their freewill to make the choice of choosing His Ways or not.Jesus Christ made that possible through His Death on the Cross. You see because God’s Ways are not of the world’s,  in order to enter His Eternal Paradise, it does not require the world’s ways; but ways of Divinity. Ways of Divinity can be understood in minute quantities, by undergoing these trials and allowing for ourselves to unshackle ourselves from the ways of this world.There is no one amongst us, in Mankind that is considered more in the Eyes of God. He may give each of us DIFFERENT LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES, but He expects all of us to come to the SAME CONCLUSION, about His Divine Ways, as demonstrated by Jesus Christ, His Son. We are each given equal opportunity, with different life circumstances, to have the opportunity to be enlightened by Divinity. And even then, those who are enlightened, follow the humbleness that Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Earthly Life. This thing we call “life” is a chance to use our freewill to make ourselves right with the Father of Creation.

Jesus Christ was the “Lamb of God”, as His Son, the One and Only Sacrifice, for the sake of saving Mankind. No other sacrifice is required in the Eyes of Divintiy after that, because out His Love for Mankind, He made that sacrifice on our behalf. He did this for many reasons. One to reestablish that direct communication between Man and Divinity (to which evil destroyed upon causing Adam & Eve to sin in the Garden of Eden).Second, to end Evil’s rule over the earth.Thirdly, conquered death for Mankind. By Jesus Christ dying on the Cross, God brought Mankind spiritually back onto His Jurisdiction. Whether we choose to believe in Divinity’s Authority or not….Jeus Christ will determine that. Because through His Selfless and Sacrificial Act of Uconditional Love, He gained that Authority, as God’s Son. He understood that despite His earthly circumstances of ridicule…persecution…and ostracizing…that GOD IS IN CONTROL, and that such conditions were given to demonstrate that ways of Divinity do not require wealth, fame, or fortune; because those are ways of the world that He clearly says He is not a part of.

GOD IS IN CONTROL….remember that. Even while being nailed to the Cross, and hung to die on it….Jesus Christ kept His Spirit and Heart focused on that. Evil wants you to focus on your emotions, because it knows it can control, and manipulate it. It knows it can not control Jesus Christ, who conquered it at the Cross. Because Jesus Christ showed us how the steadfast love for God and His will for ahis Children, can drive out all fear, doubt, pain, and confusion. Becuae Jesus Christ remembered while hanging on the Cross to die for Mankind, that His Father…Our Father….GOD IS IN CONTROL. This is our time now, to choose with our own freewill to believe in that, not with earthly evidence that can be manipulated by Evil….but by Divine Evidence, which Jesus Christ showed us at the Cross at Calvary.

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