A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

“God demands more than coming to the Cross; He demands going through the Cross.”



I think what many fail to realize about the importance of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, is a grave mistake. For those that are not Christian, they view Jesus Christ as either a “good man”; or a “Prophet”. For those who are Christian, I see so many that have such a focused tunnel vision, that they either (out of their own comfort) focus on one aspect of His Life, and miss out on the whole picture. And this is how many appear to be narrow minded, to non-Christians, and apply flawed human interpretation to Jesus’ Divine Teachings; instead of praying and being led by the Holy Spirit, in its interpretation. And this can only be achieved through investing the time in the Word of God, and investigating and being able to read the times through His Word. Not just by some conviction, and “good feeling” provided by a service, or preacher. Once you invest this time in the word of God, you will begin to understand WHY Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and begin to identify with His Life Example….and begin to understand His Teachings more….and more importantly, begin to understand how God truly does view the things and ways of this world. God has the heart to provide this for us, this is the very reason why He sent down His Son, to die on the Cross for us.

Jesus did not come here to establish a religion.  Jesus did not only come to save Christians. Jesus Christ as the Son of God, came to show us, as Mankind (the most prized creation of God), how we are to live our lives, through His Life (from His Life, Death, and Resurrection) AND His Teachings. We are to study BOTH ! We often only focus on one aspect, and miss out in the messages that Jesus Christ showed us through the other. There are numerous Scriptures supporting this. Whole books in the Holy Bible that support this. Yes, Jesus Christ became the Salvation for Mankind, and prevented us from being permanently lost to evil’s darkness. But He also showed us that God truly meant that HIS WAYS ARE NOT OF THE WORLD, through the life He led. And that full obedience of God is required in EVERY ASPECT of our lives. Jesus showed this by leading the humble earthly life He did, though being the Son of God, and being a Member of the Most High Court in the Eternal Kingdom of God. And He showed us that we are to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, which He described to us in His Gospels, to the point of death. Because an earthly death is nothing in comparison to a spiritual death. And if we do so, God has promised that if we do go through this very same extent, just as Jesus Christ did, we will gain Eternal Life. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Resurrection (to which we as Christians, know as Easter). God showed us the PROOF of living a life in full obedience to Him, leading to a path to the Eternal Kingdom with Him. If God says His Ways are not of the World. People may view this view as extreme, because if you live a life in such a way, where will happiness come in? You would always be sad. Well, if GOD IS THE SOURCE OF YOUR HAPPNIESS, you will see Him, in the trials and the hardships. You will find peace and joy in the solitude you find on this earth. Because God’s Presence is always with you. You will not need the things of this world, that are defined in this world, as the things that will provide you “happiness”. In fact the only thing that will give you happiness is doing God’s Will and service, in your life. Evil’s uses your instincts to emotion, to soil our souls, and preventing the Holy Spirit in entering within them. When we live in full obedience to God, we have allowed for the Holy Spirit to be running the show of our souls, and our lives. This is what Jesus Christ showed us. But emotions led by a Holy Spirit, has the ability to change hearts towards seeking the Kingdom of God, unceasingly. It will only gain happiness until they have advanced one step further, on the path to the Eternal Kingdom of God. Such a heart, with such emotions, will be able to touch souls, to change permanently in such a manner. I have heard many times of those who have testified of having visions of the Kingdom of Heaven, that God does not judge us on our faith, by how many people we bring to God, but by how many hearts we have genuinely transformed to seek for His Eternal Kingdom. So you see, it is not only the act that matters to the Father of Creation; but seeing the KIND OF SEED you planted in someone. Has it caused a permanent change, that becomes fruitful for the Kingdom of God. And the larger “earthly title” we take on in our ministry, the more God expects of us. He takes is very seriously if you decide to take on His Title, to represent Him. God is not to be mocked in any shape or form. Many may believe that this only applies to nonbelievers, but it also applies to believers, who will be held on a more stricter scale. There are many scriptures that describe this. God wants TRUE believers in His Eternal Kingdom. If His Son was not exempt from earthly trials, then who are we to think that we are better than His Son, to be exempt from them. Who are we to think that we are better than Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to live earthly rich lives; when He led a life of complete humbleness out of His Love for God. Who are we to think that we are better than Jesus Christ, that we will not need to endure the Cross, to show God, that we truly understood that HIS WAYS ARE NOT OF THE WORLD’s, but beyond them.

You see it takes more than preaching. It takes more than bringing people to a church building for a membership. It is believing to the point that it reflects in words that you speak; that conviction is reflected by people being in the very presence of you. That belief in God’s Divine Laws of Love, that exhumes from you, and speaks to the brokenhearted; those that are lost, and even to those that are not. It is by trusting in what God has professed and promised through His Holy Words, and through the Life Example that Jesus Christ showed us, not only through His Teachings, but also in the life He led, and the path to the Death, He took.It takes a separation from the ways of this world, to even have a space for God to enter within you. It often takes a moment of great grief and injustice, to allow for our sinful human nature to finally realize that the ways of this world have its boundaries, restrictions, and limitations; and to show us how flawed it can be. It is in these moments that we finally unshackle ourselves to the ways of this world, and turn to a Divine Source, for His Perfect Wisdom….and He will speak, and forever change our lives. We will begin to see how He truly values the things of this world, because He will guide you such ways. The Holy Spirit will guide you on this path. The success of our ministries and works for God, will only be known by One, and that is God alone. We should never grow satisfied with what we do for the Eternal Kingdom, because it will never be enough. But it is never in the QUANTITY…..but in the QUALITY of what we do.

“The world is not impacted by super churches; not impacted by massive buildings or massive memberships. It is only impacted by the Holy Ghost exposing truth, that gets into the heart and changes it. That is the only thing that impacts the world.” -David Wilkerson


How is your faith these days? The Holy Spirit will convict you to guide you with the thought, “Don’t be afraid, but to BELIEVE.” For it is by our faith we are healed, and saved. For the devil does not own you. It is God who created you. The devil did not pay a price for you. GOD did, by making His Son, the Lamb to be Sacrificed for the sake of saving you, out of the hands of evil.

Paul said, “I died with Christ; I was raised with Christ; and I was crucified in Christ. I not only came to His Cross; but also picked up my Cross to follow Him.”

Are you willing to go through what Jesus Christ did, to fulfill your will to enter the Eternal Kingdom? Many of His Disciples understood this:

death of the 12 apostles


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