Eternal Life….

The Ladder of Divine Ascent

The Ladder of Divine Ascent


Life brings us all so many things;

Events that make us think…ponder…cry and even sing.

We have to remember that each serves purpose that is beyond what we can see and hear on this earth;

Such things, if we allow it, reveal such knowledge and wisdom, to which Divinity has given birth.


It is in these moments that we start to see things for its true value;

And begin to be more conscious of the Creator’s warnings and cues.

We should always keep in mind;

That the lives we are given, is not the same to another, but of different kinds.


Though coming in all kinds we are given one common task;

To choose ways that are honoring the Creator, and for in His Love and Mercy, to bask.

Feel sorry for those who can restricted by what they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch, in this world;

For God has said, that His Ways are beyond all this, and to eternity, a life is unfurled.


With each day that goes by we get closer to the end;

And there will be a time where such days to live, God will no longer lend.

For Jesus Christ came on the Cross to extend;

The Creator’s Unconditional Love, which required for Jesus on the Cross, of His Flesh and Bones, to bleed, break and bend.


Oh to think of such love, brings me to tears;

Because my human heart can not contain such joy….it goes beyond my years.

To fathom and to understand of such love of an unconditional kind;

Is far beyond all human understanding….to what can be conjured up by the human mind.


So endure, for the Unseen God sitting on His Throne, up above;

Who rules with Wisdom, Mercy and Love.

Feel sorry for those who do not understand this;

For a life of eternity, they will surely miss.

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