When you think of the word, “integrity”, what come to mind?

In this day and age, it is upheld by very few, often possessed by few…a rare find.

We must be amongst the few, that uphold it;

For it is only through this, God will find us, for His Kingdom fit.


Many people live this life, as if they can hide in the shadows of the night;

Do they not know that God sees ALL, whether it be day or night.

For the JUST GOD holds everyone EQUAL in His Eye;

In Jesus Christ, through nonviolence and love, He showed us that no one in class, is inferior or high.

For He sees whether motives or schemes of violence…deceit….money…and lust…. lies deep within one’s heart and soul;

And judges accordingly, seeing if it is one with His Promised Paradise, as its goal.


Integrity is what purifies a soul of one’s inside;

A trait that can only be obtained by a soul inspired by Divinity on its side.

For those who are bound by the ways of this world;

Will see that their knowledge has limitations, leaving their minds all confused and twirled.


Integrity does not operate for personal gain;

For a soul that is rooted in this, knows such things, will of them, stain…

Upholds this at many costs;

Even if it means there are many losts.

A soul binded by integrity adheres to;

Divinity’s codes, and acts to them, on cue.

4 thoughts on “Integrity

    1. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

      I’m confused by your comment here, Sister? Integrity is both.

      Integrity, in my opinion, is matching what you do on the outside with what you believe on the inside. However, God understands our human struggles, especially when we decide to take on a path in seeking His Kingdom. In fact, with each step we get closer to Him, the more harsh our struggles will be, is what I have found in my own Walk with God. He does know that we may fall off the path at times, but we must know that His Forgiveness is endless; that once we bring our error to His Feet (in other words recognize our flaw or fault in His Eyes) that He will forgive, and we must not commit it again. It is in being faithful in our seeking of Him and His Ways.

      I think Mother Teresa said it best, “God did not call us to be successful; but to be faithful.”

      If we focus on “acts” that are perfect in God’s Eyes, I believe we, as believers run the risk or danger of either becoming complacent with our seeking; or self righteousness…which are not in honor of God. We are imperfect based on our sin-stained human nature, which resulted from Adam & Eve’s sin, in the Garden of Eden.

      God Bless…

      1. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

        Well, I think in my own way, I was disagreeing with the way you said it. 😀

        You see when we strictly look at one angle, as to our spiritual paths, we seem to recognize or neglect the other portions of the journey. Which is what I was explaining in my previous response to you. 🙂 We have to realize when we fall short, and what parts are flawed, based on the human nature we possess. Of course, when we are on our spiritual journeys, in seeking the Eternal Kingdom, we must always STRIVE, for the LIFE EXAMPLE, that Jesus Christ provided for us. But there is ONLY ONE Jesus Christ, the Son of God. That Lived, Died, and Resurrected into Heaven. Being part God, Himself, we could never achieve the life, He led, in our lifetimes. So we should seek unceasingly, out of our Love and Respect for Him, and the Creator. But recognize where we may fall short. In my poem, it was mainly defining “integrity”, based on the Teachings of Jesus Christ. While the world has defined it many other different ways, if we call ourselves Christians, we must adhere to integrity, as to how He….God….defined it.

        God Bless Sister…and may He find us both worthy to enter into His Eternal Paradise.

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