A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Today’s World Vs. Tomorrow’s World


He, like all of us, awaits for Jehovah’s Perfect Time to return, and take back all of His Fellow Brothers and Sisters, back home to the Eternal Kingdom.


In the world today, many people seem to forget that there is a Higher Power we all have to answer to, in the end of this thing we call, “life”. We, as Mankind, have often held ourselves accountable by flawed human logic, which is many times, so far away from our Divine origins. We have rationalized killing, as a form of cleansing of races; of controlling population growth; and it being our right to do so when someone has inconvenienced us with their existence, in some fashion. We have reasoned out that stealing money in any shape or form is to redistribute wealth; to wipe out civil service; or as a form of survival. As mankind, though given the intelligence, and even the gift of freewill, we have adopted the philosophy of what is in the animal kingdom as “survival of the fittest”, to justify the killing and the stealing that occurs. We have even rationalized that a God who created all in this world, can be our equal, in some cases. A God that looked at all of us as equal in His Eyes, and continues to do so till the very end, some have decided to consider themselves as superior over others. The inequalities that exist today is not because of God, but because of His Creations straying away from God, and His Divine Laws of Love. This began with the first sin being committed in the Garden of Eden, in the creation wanting to become equal to the Creator; to the first killing of a human being, a sibling…brother…by Cain killing his brother, Abel. I can only imagine how God wept, from His Throne.

We, as Mankind, often CHOSE to cut our ties from Divinity..just because Evil provided more gluttonous and glamorous options, in our earthly lives. Yet we still have the arrogance, as God’s creations, to claim ourselves as a moral authority in this world, without Him. With the sin that seeped in, this is how the world came to its present state. Not because of God. He was giving us the CHOICE TO CHOOSE. We decided that we do not need Him, just because He doesn’t provide solutions when we want them….or in the fashion we want them in. As Jehovah’s creations, have we become that prideful? In a world where circumstances constantly change, and our standards and thoughts change in accordance to them…that we decide, as God’s Creations, the moral and ethical codes; instead of relying on those set by the Creator, Jehovah, who is Constant God.

After many times starting things anew with the earth….God tried a different final approach.Showing us through the example of Jesus Christ,God told us, this is how we were to conduct our lives, in order to be found worthy to enter the Eternal Kingdom. Jesus came and truly showed that it is not only “the end justifying the means”….but the path taken also matters. He showed us that Divinity’s Ways are not in conformance to the secular world, but are held on a Higher Ground. A way that does not entertain our sin vulnerable human nature. A way of Nonviolence, Love, and Mercy. And such things are not conditional….they are unconditional. Conditional love is professed by evil, unconditional love is professed by Divintiy….which is what Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross, at Calvary. Though being the Son of God, and having the power to strike down those who persecuted Him, which according the law at the time, “eye for an eye”, He didn’t.  He brought in THE DIVINE LAW OF LOVE, in “turning the other cheek”….upholding it while people falsely accused Him….while people unjustly punished him….and died as a result of it all.

He showed us that all the weapons formed against a Child of God will see the Wrath of God, which is far more permanent, than anything that can be brought upon anyone, in this world. This is what the end books of the Holy Bible prophesize about. You see, whether WE CHOOSE to believe in Him or not , it does not mean He doesn’t exist; and that His ethical and moral codes do not exist. Because all that we see on this earth had to come from somewhere, right? We, as creations, do not have the power to CREATE. Even Christ, Himself, did not take it into His Own Hands to DESTROY. He knew that Jehovah alone, had that authority. This earth is so far from the greatness it originally was created to be. And with the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, God said, that this earth can only be restored again, by Him alone. No matter what we may see on this earth…without the connection to Divinity, we will we swayed towards Evil. Jesus Christ showed us through His Own Life, that this connection is what helps us to DISCERN THE DECEPTION of evil; and that Paradise will only be restored when it is Jehovah’s Time. He is giving us one final chance to choose His Divine Laws of Love. And He will be seeing, if we choose to uphold it, just as Jesus Christ showed us….to the point of Death to our earthly bodies. We are to take up “our own crosses” to follow His Path. Jesus did this because He was confident in Jehovah’s Plan for Earth…..and so must we. He was not a victim, or a martyr…..He revolutionized the world, with Jehovah’s Unconditional Love, which He showed through His Life, Death, and Resurrection, and became the final solution for Mankind. He showed us how to stop the cycles of destruction by showing us God’s Unconditional Love, through practicing the Divine Law of Love in “turning the other cheek”; ….by showing us how to  recognize the Divine Authority we all have to answer to. The reward that Jesus Christ received for upholding God’s Laws of Divine Love, to the extent He did, is being seated in the very presence of Jehovah….and to which Jehovah has promised the same to those in Mankind, who have done the same. Jesus Christ, as Jehovah’s Son, will have complete authority to decide who has upheld them or not. And when He returns, it will only be for that reason, alone. When He died to the earth, that was His Last Breath, and steps here, in this world. He will return, as King of all Kings, and the Lord of all Lords.



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