A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Counterfeit Christianity, Counterfeit Conversions



Yes, alongside our earthly responsibilitites, we have spiritual responsibilities. In fact, we have to have a balance of both, if not more so in the spiritual responsibilities,  than the earthly responsibilities. The Word of God should be so deeply rooted within us, that it drives us in all we do within our lives.

We must realize that once we call ourselves, “Christians”, we take on the role of being representatives of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. To be Christians, means to be “Christ”-like; that we take Jesus Christ, as our life example. Though God expects us to fall off the path, at times; He also expects us to get back on the path. As a family, headed by the Good Shepard, Jesus Christ, leading our flock, we hold each other accountable to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, to which He demonstrated through the Life, Death, and Resurrection;and His Teachings of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy. When guided by the Spirit, and not by our flawed human nature, and emotions, the Spirit will work from within us, to change hearts PERMANENTLY from relying on this sin-stained human nature, and relying on the Guidance of the Spirit, which guides you in ways of that towards Eternal Life, with God, the Father of Creation.

We can not focus on earthly parameters, and walk with earthly parameters to determine our success in the Eyes of God, in our personal spiritual journeys. When one has truly understood that “God’s Ways are not of the world’s; but beyond them…”, then we realize that we ask the Guidance of the Spirit, in order to guide our paths to the Will of the Father of Creation. When we act on the Will of God, such things can not even be touched by evil, who’s ways are of this world. As my mentor tells me over and over again, “When God solves something, He solves it COMPLETELY. That even evil can not penetrate such solutions.”

When we decide to take on the path of being Christians, we must realize the responsibility we have chosen to take on. It comes with a great reward; but if not taken seriously, can come with the same price, as those who denied the Father of Creation. However, just like any UNCONDITIONAL Loving relationship, God the Father, knows our strengths and weaknesses; and has abundant mercies for our imperfections. We just have to recognize that unconditional love, and come to Him with them, for forgiveness. Just as Jesus Christ took His Ministry very seriously, to be fruitful for the Kingdom of God; we must do the same. Jesus Christ “was fruitful and multiplied for the Kingdom of God”, through the TRUE conversions of the heart and souls of His Disciples. They too, took their ministry to the point of spreading the Gospel, all over the world, to the point of death to their earthly bodies. TRUE Conversions, can come from guidance through the Spirit.

Jesus Christ said, “I have come here to be the Physician of the spiritually ill.” Jesus Christ knew that He had to minister to those that were lost. His Disciples understood the same. When the Holy Spirit guides your path, when you have chosen for it to guide you, then TRUE CONVERSIONS occur. We have to remember it is not a tally or a statistic, as to how successful our ministry is. God sees the true conversions of the souls, and keeps tally, Himself. But when we decide to represent Him,  He takes that very seriously. We must hold ourselves accountable to the Father of Creation, based on the Words of the Holy Scripture, that He has revealed to us through the many Prophets He sent before us, and through that He revealed through Jesus Christ, His Son. When Jesus Christ preached the Divine Laws of Love, as He roamed this earth, He did not sugarcoat anything, but only understood the lives of God’s Children, and their different circumstances, on this earth. This is the very reason why He chose the Disciples He did, from all different walks of life. If you notice how each Gospel is written, in the Holy Bible, you will see, that though they are written with DIFFERENT STYLES, they all conveyed the same messages and parables of God’s Wisdom. God is constant. He never strays in His Good Intentions for His Creations, since the time He created the earth. It is Mankind, with God’s Loving Gift of freewill, that we constantly make the choice of not listening and surrendering to His Will of our lives. God is in everywhere, and everything. The very fact that we woke up to another day to live, is because of the Father of Creation. It is not by our own doing. God was…is…and is to come. And God translates Himself, in a constant manner, as to what is acceptable or not, in order to become eligible for the Eternal Kingdom. It not only requires, deeds, but a transformation of the soul. We must see it through, the people we decide to minister to….and when nothing else can be done, as to them accepting it or not, we must leave it in the Hands of God, the Father of Creation.

As Jesus Christ said,  If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.”




We must make the full effort to try to minister to the lost; we all, as individuals that decide to take on the path, have that responsibility.  But beware of false doctrines, which can lead to false conversions. Because this can only misrepresent Jesus Christ’s Life and Death. Such doctrines, will only continue to crucify Jesus Christ, over and over again. We must ask the Spirit to guide us, in “Discerning the Deception of Evil.”




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW-J4MIcmtQ (PART 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qn8KErrAug (PART 2)



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