The More Trials We Face In Our Spiritual Journeys, The More We Advance To The Eternal Kingdom

When God says His Ways are not the world’s ways, what does this mean to you? Does it mean that He uses earthly parameters and statistics, to determine the success of one’s spiritual journey? Does it mean His Rewards for your faithfulness conform to the world’s ways? Does it mean that whatever is determined as beautiful on this earth, is considered beautiful in His Eternal Kingdom?


Well, if this was the case, then Jesus Christ, as His Son, would have came to live a life, that conformed to the earthly riches of this world. As a member of the Most High Court, in the Eternal Kingdom, He would have been born of earthly nobility, such being born into royalty; lived the life of fortune and earthly riches; and died and laid to rest in a Royal Family’s Masoleum. BUT HE WAS NOT. Instead, He was born in a stable, and laid in a manger, where the animals ate out of. Though being the King of all Kings, He lived the life of a humble Carpenter. Though being the Son of God, He chose to live the life of a nomad, and wore the garment that He wove Himself. And instead of dying and being laid to rest, in a state of earthly nobility,Jesus Christ was put to death, by the death sentence of a criminal, for a crime He did not commit; and laid to rest in a stone tomb. This is the extent that God, the Father of Creation, went through, to show us that His Ways are not of the world’s ways.


As Jesus, or for that matter anyone who chose to follow the same path He did to the Eternal Kingdom, you see that their trials became stronger and harsher, as they grew stronger in their faith….or in situations where the person strong in faith, resisted evil with ease. Christ’s trials came as harsh as giving up His Earthly Life, to uphold God’s Will of His Life. The trials became just as harsh for the disciples of Jesus Christ, where they upheld God’s Will of their lives, to the point of death to the earthly body. Such spirituality…or connection with Divinity, could never be achieved or reasoned out by the ways of this world; or even understood by our flawed Human Logic. To be able to do this, that is uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love to this extent, can not be done by human strength alone. It can only be done with strength that is inspired by Divinity. Who follows the boundless parameters of Divinity; not restricted to the boundaries of this world. As Man, we have a constant battle going on between the flesh and the spirit; which began upon the first sin committed by Adam & Eve, in the Garden of Eden.


Jesus Christ and His Teachings, as well, as those that were continued by His Disciples, state very clearly that God’s Children will go through the Refiner’s Fire. That with each trial we face in our lives, we should die a little from the ways of this world. This is why we should face trials cheerfully. WHY? One, we must be getting the Devil angry at us, for the spiritual journey we are taking. Second, the more trials we face, and ask for Divinity’s Guidance on, the more we separate ourselves from the ways of this world, and begin to see things of this world, in its true value, as God values it.  In fact through the Earthly Life of Jesus Christ, we see that we must be very worried of our spiritual path, if things are going too smoothly in our lives. We are either conforming to the world’s ways, and not threatening evil, in any way; or that we are not fully grasping the true Message of Jesus Christ’s Teachings of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy. Evil will throw everything at someone who is becoming spiritually strong in the Father of Creation, to throw them off the path. Even to the pont of instilling the fear of losing the comforts of this world; to losing one’s earthly life. In the Book of Revelations, it is very clear that an earthly death is nothing in comparison, to a spiritual death.


With each trial one faces, God reveals a little window into His Divine Wisdom, if we ask for Guidance from the Holy Spirit through such trials. This is what Jesus Christ showed us through His Life and Death on the Cross, at Calvary. The many Prophets that came before Him; and His Disciples that came after Him, as well, showed us that with the aid of the Holy Spirit, we should come to the understanding of fearing God’s Wrath for not following His Laws, than that of evil. In the end books of the Holy Bible, it is very clear, that God’s Children will be persecuted by evil, for upholding God’s Laws of Divine Love. The trials in our lifetimes are meant to serve as events to build up endurance in the coming times ahead; and a way to refine our faith. Evil can not dwell where there is light; and light can not dwell where there is evil’s darkness. God wants true believers, and a heart that only seeks for His Ways of Divine Love, can only enter the Eternal Kingdom.


So endure the trials, and it will be rewarded onto you, for Divinity’s Guidance to you, in “discerning the deception of evil.”


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