A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

We, as Mankind, Often Mock or Ignore, What We Do Not Understand

Human Nature has consistently demonstrated that we choose to not listen to the things that we do not understand. Instead we outright may reject it, or mock those who seem to understand it, or just choose to ignore such things to which they do not understand. In my humble opinion, I think we should all try to attempt in trying to understand. Isn’t that what Jesus Christ showed us through His Life…His Teachings….and even Death on the Cross?

As the Son of God, Jesus Christ, could have come to live an earthly life of a different kind. As being the King of all Kings, and a member of the Most High Court, in the Eternal Kingdom of God, the Father of Creation, He could have chosen a life of royalty on this earth, but did not. He wanted to show us that He understands what we go through on this earth. He wanted to show us that He was willing to go through, what we go through on this earth. At the same time of undergoing these life circumstances, He showed us, that while living them, how to live a life worthy enough to enter the Eternal Kingdom. He lived amongst us to show us that HE UNDERSTANDS. As the Son of God, He could have mocked, and ignored our life circumstances, and when the Day of Judgement comes, could have easily mocked and ignored our pleas with Him. BUT HE DID NOT DO THAT. Instead, He went through the same trials, as we do in our daily lives. He lived the life of a nomad, to show us that God provides sufficiently for our daily needs. He underwent the persecution, and the ridicule, for standing for what He believed in. He underwent temptations, just like we do, by Evil. He was falsely accused of things He did not do; and how many of us undergo such things in our lives? How many times has Jesus Christ felt frustrated that His Efforts were not being listened to, knowing full well, where the knowledge behind His Efforts is coming from? Jesus endured all, so that He can listen to the cries of all of Mankind. So that He can understand, by having “walked in the shoes” of God’s Children. He has walked in the shoes of the homeless (as a nomad going from home to home to teach God’s Laws of Divine Love); in the shoes of the hungry (by always having the faith and confidence that God will provide sufficiently “His Daily Bread”); in the shoes of the violence and chaos in the world (when he was hunted down, and punished for a crime He did not commit, by being crucified, and dying on the Cross, at Calvary).

It does not stop there, to continue His Legacy, through His Disciples, He chose the people He did, in order to continue in this manner, of “walking in one’s shoes”. He chose His Disciples from different walks of life: from fisherman, to doctors, to soldiers, to taxcollectors; from men to women; for the very reason of knowing that the life circumstances, and the lives they led, molded their perspectives and presentations of His Gospels…God’s Gospels of Truth. The shoes that they walked in, is to present His Gospels, in a way that anyone from any walk of life, could understand God’s Laws of Divine Love. And even while serving for the purpose of spreading His Gospels, the Disciples, continued to endure more life circumstances of challenges and triumphs, in order to mold their perspectives further, to reach more people, to be fruitful for the Eternal Kingdom of God, the Father of Creation. Their life trials and triumphs, became their understanding for others.

Today, Mankind, almost shows an intolerance to things. Whereas Jesus Christ showed us that we must put ourselves in others shoes. However, at the same time, it is clear in God’s Holy Words, that we are not to fellowship with evil; and that we should not tolerate anything that is in direct violation of His Divine Laws of Love, and Creations. Through His Life Example, and His Teachings, Jesus Christ made it very clear that we are to try to understand, and demonstrate Unconditional Love. But He always stood firmly in what He knew was in accordance to God’s Laws. That balance is necessary for us to strive for. This can only be attained, through “putting ourselves in others shoes”.

So do not get discouraged by the mocking. Do not get discouraged by the roadblocks. Do not get discouraged by being ignored. Continue to strive forth, knowing the example that Jesus Christ left…that His Disciples followed and left for us. We must not show intolerance, but try to understand, and present the Gospel feed broken souls. Everyone yearns to be unconditionally loved. Those that are depressed, sad, broken, lost. Those that are rebelling, questioning, and even angry. Those that mock you, and ridicule you, also yearn for that very same thing.

Jesus demonstrated, that we must be the changes within ourselves, ways that are nonviolent, peaceful, and unconditionally loving; to show others those very same principles. Mocking and ignoring things we do not understand,  is not what He demonstrated, through His Life Example of Love, Peace, and Nonviolence. And eventhough He had the authority to call people sinners, and wrongdoers…He never did. He gave everyone the chance to change, even if it meant till the last breath in their earthly bodies, as He demonstrated through forgiving the criminal that hung alongside Him, on the Cross.




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