A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Areas of Black, White, and Gray

In the beginning, when the world was created to be;

All areas were as clear cut, “black and white”, to see.

Remnants of such proof is seen in human infants and toddlers that roam around;

Where in their minds, where Truth has no bounds.


So when did “gray areas” come to exist?

It is when Man decided to enter evil in a triste.

For as it was seen in the initial days of Adam & Eve;

Where good and evil were so distinct, and easy of each other, to cleave.


For with our freewill, Man made the choice;

To flirt with evil, slowly silencing truth’s voice.

Though our world was originally created to live in perfect harmony and peace;

Upon Man’s Sin in the Garden of Eden, Man put their life on a lease.


At this point, evil took such deep routes in the mentality of Man;

Where Man, on their own, no longer know the difference between right and wrong,  in order of evil to ban.

As the “Gray Areas” grow larger and larger in the world today;

Man roams further and further from the original purity in God, we stray.



Because we were given the choice as to how we are to live;

And have shown that we are prone to choose the darker areas, of our lives to give;

This only proves that were are in a spiritual struggle of some sort;

Where the struggle is between our connection to the Divine Creator, and evil of our sin vulnerable human nature, courts.


As Man gives in more and more to the darker areas in this spiritual struggle, and lose sight of truth;

It is slowly taking away the innocence, that were the only remnants of our connection to the Divine Creator, seen in our youth.

For “Gray Areas” are growing larger and larger, with each day that goes by;

That it is only by OUR choice, through our freewill, that we can return to the “areas of white”, reflecting the Ways of the Most High.


For Divinity, requires we make the choice to seek Its Guidance, to return to harmony and peace…amongst each other;

Man on its own has shown, that they can not choose things as such on their own, without recognizing their connection to the Divine Creator…Father.

Our sin vulnerable human nature, is what makes such as task, end in a struggle that is so difficult and hard of truth, to choose;

Hence making the medium of the “gray areas”; to justify lies, from truths.


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