Power in the Name…Jesus Christ

Jesus Died to Save Mankind


Who had ever thought that there is such power in a name;

That had so little earthly fame.

For this Man came from a Higher source;

Being part Man, and a part of Him, from God, the Father of Creation, a Divine Force.


He came into this world for 1 goal;

To free God’s Children, and prevent evil getting to their souls.

For God’s Son, given the Name, Jesus Christ, was…is the Chosen One;

Who died on the Cross, for Mankind’s Sins, to reconnect us with God, the Creator, when all is said, and done.


God wanted His Children to come back to Him, so badly;

That He sent His Son, who had to endure all that He did, for Mankind’s unrighteousness, so sadly.

For His Righteousness unshackled us from evil’s chains;

Now it is up to us, to endure all the spiritual pains.

With every step we get closer to the Kingdom’s Path;

We must endure the “Refiner’s Fire”, and do the math.


God’s Son has showed us all;

In His Life…Teachings…Death….all things great and small.

For the Name that carries so much weight…

Is a Name that infuriates evil, putting it in such a violent, deceitful state.


This Man, the Son of God, conquered evil permanently, on the Cross;

Showing us that a spiritual death is a much greater loss.

The Man with this Name conquered evil through God’s Unconditional Love;

That comes abundantly from Up Above.


The Name, Jesus Christ, carries such power, remember this;

He showed us how to conquer evil, just study His Life, you’ll get the gist.

Just with the convicted mention of His Name;

Will make all evil flee…making you get 1 step closer to God’s Kingdom, as your claim.


Jesus Christ for you so loved the world;

You revealed God’s Ways, to which evil tried to twist and twirl.

Lord Jesus Christ, I now know the power of Your Name;

That can bring evil’s rebellion, to a state that can be tame.


It has the power to transform hearts;

And poke holes to evil’s plans, despite its darts.

Jesus…Jesus…the Christ who loved to the point of giving up His Life for the sake of saving others;

You have promised the faithful, victory through You, and of all evil, to smother.

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