A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Jesus Christ Showed that Our Father Loves the Imperfect Me

God loves the imperfect me


Upon Mankind falling to temptation and sin, in the Garden of Eden, God has been weeping for it. With our freewill, He hoped that we would choose to correct our ways, and find our way back to him. BY CHOICE. Unlike any one of His Creations, God gave Man, the freewill to choose His Ways or not. But yet, we continue to choose to live in rebellion. It is only when we have come to truly understand the Unconditional Love, God, the Father of Creation, has for His Prized Creation, Mankind, this is when we truly recognize how much we have rebelled against Him, with the imperfections we possess in ourselves, in relation to His Divine Laws of Love.

God gives us till the last breath in our earthly body, to come to this realization, of ourselves.  Since we do not know the time and hour of our last breaths on this earth, it is important that we have this relationship with God, each day. This is what Jesus Christ, as His Son, demonstrated through His Own Earthly Life. By sending His Son, with the Predetermined Purpose of dying on the Cross, in order to become the Sacrificial Lamb, for the sake of salvation for Mankind, God showed us His Unconditional Love for Mankind. And Jesus Christ put His Love for God, ahead of His Own Emotions and Feelings, to fulfill the Father’s Will of His Life, by demonstrating His Unconditional Love for Mankind, by dying on the Cross, at Calvary. Despite knowing our flaws, and our conscious choice of rebelling against God, the Father of Creation, He still loved the sinner; the ones the ridiculed and persecuted Him; the ones that did not know Him….as well as those who did/do know and love Him. All equally. You see, by dying on the Cross, Jesus Christ showed us that we all are eligible in the very presence of the Throne in the Heavenly Realm. We just have to choose to follow a path that does not conform to the ways of this world; to which God says His Divine Laws of Love are not a part of.

I just can not fathom such love. You see, it’s because I know my flaws, and I know God sees and knows even more flaws of my own, to which I can not see. Yet, He gives me the chance to seek and refine them, by doing one simple thing…making the choice in seeking Truth. The Truth in His Unconditional Love; to which He went to the extent of demonstrating it through His Son, dying on the Cross, at Calvary. It is not about gaining earthly evidence for the success of your spiritual journey to the earthly kingdom. Why? Because if God says His Ways are not of the world, but beyond them, then why would He reward us in our progression on this path, based on earthly parameters. I tend to think earthly parameters are the God-given circumstances/provisions to which God has given, as to the resources for which God has granted in one’s life to do His Work, in this world.

Those who have become truly enlightened by God’s Laws of Divine Love, will constantly be going through the “Refiner’s Fire”; with a true humbleness of the heart and soul. This humblesness comes from understanding the perfection that God, the Father of Creation is. And knowing the true authority of the Almighty God. Our purpose, in this life that God has given us, is to follow God’s Will of our lives. That’s it plain and simple. And with our sin vulnerable human nature, that is a huge task in itself. Yes, Jesus Christ died, in order to cover up the multitude of sins, to which we, as Mankind, carries. However, it is up to us to recognize our sins, and our flaws, and to refine ourselves, in purity of the heart and soul, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. THIS is a lifelong process, to which we must pursue. It does not mean that we can continue to sin, once we have chosen to believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior. If the true meaning of God’s Unconditional Love has taken root within us, we would understand our imperfections, and have the confidence that we are forgiven through Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross, but we have to make the CHOICE of resisting sin and temptation, till the last breath in our human bodies, on this earth. Temptation and sin did not end upon Jesus’s Death on the Cross. This is what many people misunderstand. And this is when PRIDE can slip in to Mankind.  We are forgiven by the Cross. But we have to make the choice of turning away from temptation and sin, and recognizing God, the Father of Creation’s Authority, in our lives. These are choices, given to us every day of our lives.

Through asking for God’s Guidance in correcting our imperfections, which are brought to light by the power of the Holy Spirit, we will begin to be faithful in our seeking of Truth. God, will have worthy soil within our souls, to plant His Truth of Unconditional Love. We spend so much time on the wrong things, in our lives. We invest in the wrong things in our lives, while we roam this earth. For me, Jesus Christ showed that earthly parameters or His Miracles and Preachings, did not dictate the success of His Ministry or Work for the Heavenly Realm. It was yielding to God’s Will in His Life, that did. Our Purpose is to follow God’s Will; and we have to choose to do that. God, would never enforce that onto you. Because in the end of it all, He wants true believers to enter to Eternal Life, where there is a UTOPIA. This utopia can only be established by Him alone, not by His Creations. A Utopia can only exist under God’s Divine Laws of Love, with those who have surrendered to His Will of their lives. Which is a life that is spirit filled, with faithfulness to His Will, a world filled with Unconditional Love, brought back to the original state He created the world to be, as to what was initially seen in the Garden of Eden, before Adam and Eve fell to Satan’s Temptation, to sin.

As a result, it is so important for us to have a God-centered life. We should recognize the power that Jesus Christ has, as the Son of God. And how He showed us through His Teachings, Life, Death, and Resurrection, how we can conquer evil. Once this is done, this is when God can reestablish the Eternal Kingdom. However all this can only be done through those who believe in what Jesus Christ did at the Cross, that is giving in wholeheartedly to God’s Will of His Life, to save all of Mankind.



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