A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

A Soul Rooted in the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit the Comforter


We were all created from God, the Father of Creation. His connection to all of His Creations, is indisputable. However in the case of Mankind, we were given the gift of freewill. The freewill to choose to follow the ways of the Creator, or not. Animals, Nature, the laws of Science, you name it, all follow God’s Divine Laws. It is Man, out of all creations, that are given the choice.

You see there is more to Man, that what we can see, hear…feel with our emotions. These can all be manipulated and twisted in meaning, by evil. We are spiritual beings. God has given us guard over the most precious thing He has ever created, our soul. And in order to be responsible in keeping guard over it, we must recognize that there is good, and evil in this world. We must be able to know how to identify it. And this is surely not an easy task to do. Not only that, because of our sin vulnerable human nature, which was created upon the first sin committed in the Garden of Eden, it is hard to follow in God’s Ways. God says His Ways are not of the world; and evil makes the world’s ways so enticing, and easy looking to follow. God wants us to see beyond all of the world’s ways, what is most important, the Eternal Life, we, as Mankind, were always meant to have in the very presence of God. But we, as Mankind, have chosen to stray so far away from the greatness that God had originally created for us to be. We continuously choose to do so, so that we can obtain the pleasures and the wealth of this world. Which rebel for the sake of obtaining temporary worldly things; instead of taking the path less travelled, that seems to be tough in the earthly sense, for a path that leads to permanent, Divine Things.

But then God, decided to bring His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world. Being God, He walked amongst us, to show us, that He knows, and endured the same trials, that Man, does. But at the same time, He showed us how to conquer the trials to which evil brings, in order to throw us off the path to the Eternal Father of Creation. God came to show us how to conquer evil. This is what Jesus Christ showed us through His Teachings, the testimony as to how He led His Life, His Death, and Resurrection. And Jesus Christ told His Disciples, that after He leaves this earth, He will have the “The Helper”; some translations say “The Comforter” come to guide those who choose the path, seeking the Kingdom of God. This is the Holy Spirit. And denying the Holy Spirit and His Guidance, is one sin that will not be forgiven in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation. Why do you think God despises hypocrites? Those who know the Word, but never follow the heeding of the Holy Spirit.

The only way the Holy Spirit can enter within a person, is if the Word of God, has taken root within a soul. Often, this occurs when we as Man, undergo great earthly trials, and when human logic no longer can be used to get out of the trial. This is when we finally open our eyes to the Divine Logic that has ALWAYS been there. Now, at this point, the choice is ours to take. By using our freewill, we are to choose, whether to follow God’s Divine Logic, or not. Through this is when the Word of God takes root within a soul; and this is when the Holy Spirit can make His Home. With the Holy Spirit rooted within a Man, despite the chaos in the world, God’s Presence will be known, even through the most difficult moments in life. Jesus Christ demonstrated this, and even taught Man this.

The Holy Spirit, will help us to know what comes from God, and what does not come from the Father of Creation. A soul led by the Holy Spirit, will view the things of this world, the way that God wants us to see them; they way He views them, as to what is in accordance to the ways of His Heavenly Realm, and those that are not. The Spirit will gives us the strength we need to endure the trials of evil; and help us to discern. The Spirit will “nudge” such a soul. Will “prick” such a soul, when it is going against God’s Will. The Spirit guides a soul not to react out of our sinful human nature; and fall into our human emotion. But to take guidance from Him, to do God’s Will. A heart and soul rooted in the Holy Spirit, will be confident in the Truth set before it, and convicted in Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy, to which Jesus Christ showed, as the Son of God.  It will not be bound by earthly parameters, but by Divine Parameters.

So grow stronger in the faith, by growing stronger in the Word of God. And the Holy Spirit will have fertile ground to take root in.


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